HOW TO OVERCOME C:\users\ALEXNU~$\AppData\Local\Temp\ 080405Log.iniis lost

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This time I posted how to solve the problem C:\users\ALEXNU~$\AppData\Local\Temp\ 080405Log.iniis lost which often appears every time you start up. Usually this problem often occurs when we install drivers on a computer that cannot be processed by Windows or corrupt etc., or because we delete the file as a whole, this can occur in some drivers that are error or corrupt during driver installation.

The following steps must be taken to overcome this problem:

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First step must be clicked on the Windows symbol then type “COMPUTER MANAGEMENT” in the Search programs and files (without quotation). The following is attached display “COMPUTER MANAGEMENT”.

Or you open it Start Menu> then go into Accessories> choose System Tolls> then double click Task Scheduler

The second step that must be done is to go to the Scheduled program, click Asus, then look for the log name, if you have found it, right click on the file section i-setup080405 and then delete it as shown below.

If it’s deleted, please restart your computer.


The following is a video attached to how to resolve Log.iniis lost problems

Remarks: for those who have not succeeded, they can ask through available contacts.

Hopefully this post is useful for all of us.

Greetings, Blogger

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