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This time I will share about how to change the processor fan on the CPU.

1. Your first step is to prepare the required components such as the new FAN processor, screwdriver, paste processor, dry tissue / dry cloth.

2. The next step you pull the FAN processor on your CPU. CPU code must be in dead condition !! First pull the power cable to the FAN, then you open one by one the FAN socket that sticks to the motherboard.

3. After you remove the FAN, do not forget you clean the paste processor that is still glue on the processor with a dry tissue or dry cloth. Do not use muscle, clean it.

4. Clean up like this.
5. Before you install the new FAN processor, don’t forget to give the paste processor. Put it on the socet processor, guys.

6. After that you attach the new FAN processor socket.

7. After the FAN processor socket is installed, now is the time for you to install the FAN processor.

8. If the FAN processor is installed, now you connect the FAN power cable.

9. When everything is installed, you just need to turn on your computer to test the FAN processor.

Enjoy !!

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The following is attached video how to change fan processor:

May be useful

Regards, blogger

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