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This time I will share how to replace HDD to SSD and install Windows 7 64 Bit. install win 7 ssd. install windows with ssd. how to install windows with ssd. bios settings for ssd windows 7. how to install windows 8 in ssd. how to install windows xp on ssd. how to install ssd on a laptop. how to boot ssd.

Following are the Steps to Change HDD to SSD and Windows 7 Installation.

  1. Ok, the first step is to open the CPU case.
  2. You open the bolt attached to the HDD with the CPU.

  3. You unplug the power cable and data cable connected to the HDD.

  4. Step four install the SSD, first connect the power cable and data cable on the SSD.

  5. After that attach the SSD to the CPU with the bolt, place the SSD to where it is already available on the CPU case, usually there is a special audit area of the SSD / HDD.

  6. After the SSD is installed, the next step we turn on the CPU. Don’t forget to connect the power cable.
  7. After the CPU is turned on, the next step enters the BIOS

  8. After that go to Boot Menu
  9. Then select DVD-RW (don’t forget to enter the Windows CD that you will install on the SSD)
  10. Then enter the Windows installation process. This time, Windows, which I will install, is Windows 7 64bit

  11. The first step for installation, you just stay next
  12. Then select INSTALL

  13. OK, After that select “I accept the license terms”

  14. After that select “Custom (advanced)

  15. After that select “drive options (advanced)”

  16. Then you in this area you can set to make the partition you want to make 1 partition or more.

  17. If you have selected the partition you want to install OS Windows 7 64Bit, then Next

  18. Ok after that you wait for the installation process to complete

  19. After the installation process is complete, it will automatically restart.
  20. After that you enter the name of your computer

  21. Then if you want to add a password to your computer, please enter the password you want.

  22. After that, don’t forget to enter the Windows 7 64bit key product that you bought.

  23. After the installation process is complete, don’t forget to install the required drivers.

  24. Your first step is to enter your PC Driver CD, then turn it on.

  25. After that you install drivers that are not installed in the OS installation process such as: Chipset Drivers, Audio Drivers, LAN Drivers, Graphics Drivers, and others.
  26. Ok after all the drivers have been installed perfectly, you just need to install the applications needed for your PC, such as: Ms. Office, Adobe reader, Printer, and others.
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