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This time I will share the advantages and disadvantages of blogger.

Advantages of Blogger:

  1. Integrated with Google Account. If you have an account on Gmail or Google Reader, you automatically have a account
  2. Easy Sign Up process.
  3. Can install AdSense scripts (and other ad scripts)
  4. The Control Panel is very simple and easy to understand.
  5. Navigation is available in Indonesian.
  6. The CSS file can be edited.
  7. Admin navigation is simple, easy to understand: posts, settings, layout
  8. There is a widget for polling
  9. Can have many blogs in one account
  10. Can install javascript and flash code into the blog
  11. Platform free blogging that is “the most” can be customized
  12. You can use your own domain address (custom domain blogger)
  13. The term of service allows users to use their blogs as a means of making money. You are allowed to display ads on

Lack of Blogger

  1. The dashboard display is too simple. For me personally, it’s not cool
  2. The choice of template is too little, so many blogs with similar appearance. Even so, you can search for various templates that are spread on the internet and use them.
  3. There is no default tracker stat. You need to install a tracker statistic like Google Analytics first.
  4. Can not make a “page page” as can be done wordpress.
  5. Cannot create sub-categories for posts
  6. The ration for storing images is only 300MB
Gravatar Image adalah tempat belajar blogger pemula dan profesional. Kamu bisa menemukan kami di sosial media berikut Facebook | Youtube | Instagram. Ingin bekerja sama dengan kami, silahkan hubungi kami.

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