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A. Introduction
Now the age of globalization is becoming increasingly advanced and the country’s economy is very far behind. There have been many times that we must follow. One of them is operating the internet. The internet is very useful for the community so that people can easily know the times and can learn things to be easier and more enjoyable. Therefore to help our community want to open this internet shop business in various regions. We from IT computer graduates Gunadharma want to apply what we have learned so far at Gunadharma University by combining our ability to open a business that can help the community and also improve our country by using qualified and experienced human resources in their respective fields. With this, we want the community from students to parents to be able to operate the internet so that they can benefit themselves and others, in addition to directly helping the country’s economy.

B. Business Name
The business that will be developed is called “InfoSolution-Net” with a business entity in the form of a CV that is registered with a notary so that it has a permanent legal entity.

C. Planned Business Location
Plans for business locations will be placed in areas that meet the following requirements:
• Locations close to office and education areas such as universities or schools
• Location is in the center of the crowd
• Location is in the middle of the population area
Priority locations are located in Bogor with consideration:
1. There is no internet cafe in a radius of 2 KM.
2. Location close to colleges or offices.
3. Around the location there are several schools.
4. Location is in residential housing

D. Target Customers
The target of these internet cafe customers is students and students around them. They are internet users in high frequency.

E. Type of Business
The type of business planned in accordance with human resources owned is:
1. Internet cafe
2. Training free internet
3. Computer service
4. Digital printing
5. Video shooting and VCD transfer
6. Computer training
7. Sales of pulse vouchers
8. And so on, according to market needs and consumer activities.

F. Our Advantages
We have advantages including:
1. We can do all software, LAN network, router and proxy server installations, so there is no need to budget funds for third party services.
2. We have experienced providing assistance in consulting services and technical work for schools.
3. We also have very often conducted internet and website training for students with school extracurricular organizations.

G. Hardware and Software
The hardware that will be used in computers in this business are:
1. Computer Pentium 3 built up second as many as 10 units, Pentium 4 server with 1 unit and computer Pentium 4 for billing.
2. Network devices.
3. Internet connection uses wireless with a speed of 64 kbps with a ratio of 1: 1.
4. The operating system to be used is Windows Seven or the like.

H. Capital and Profit
The capital that we need to establish this warnet and operational costs for the first 1 month is Rp. 55,000,000, – with an estimated minimum net profit of Rp. 6,000,000 per month.
While the capital for businesses other than internet cafes is taking from several sources including:
1. Capital addition by investors.
2. The investor’s monthly profits, if the manager wants to participate in adding investment.
3. Manager’s monthly profits, if the manager wants to participate in planting shares.
4. From other investors who want to take part in investing in shares.

I. Distribution of Results
The percentage of the results we offer is 40% for investors and 60% for managers, thus investors are expected to get a profit of at least Rp. 2,400,000 per month. Thus it is estimated that investors will return capital at the latest 24 months.

J. Depreciation Costs
In principle, the number of investor assets is the same both at the time of business establishment and in the 1st, 2nd year, etc. Because we budget for depreciation costs of 2.5% per month from all assets owned by investors so that the total assets of investors remain even though the price of goods becomes shrinking or damaged.

K. Letter of Agreement.
For the sake of investment security, we offer a letter of agreement signed by investors and managers and accompanied by sufficient stamp to have legal force.

L. Promotion Strategy
The strategies that we will run in this company include:
1. Working closely with the school in order to conduct computer and internet training cooperation.
2. We will re-run organizations engaged in information technology that will bring together students who have expertise in the computer field. With this strategy, we are targeting to be able to get freelancers to promote this business, assets for teaching staff and can work on IT projects.

This is the proposal that we made, hopefully this step can contribute to educating the nation and providing employment and advancing the Indonesian economy. Thanks.

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