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As we all know, the outbreak of online multiplayer games in Indonesia has begun to infect gamers in Indonesia. This outbreak can be equated with the level of danger with SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The difference is that SARS can lead to the end of an essential life (aka death, death, death, sleep that doesn’t wake up again), while online multiplayer games can cause people to not have a normal life again (read: forget to sleep, forget to eat , forget your boyfriend, and the like).

Although the consequences are ‘terrible’, there are still many people who are ‘desperate’ to continue playing games online. Not only that, online multiplayer gaming is also used as a scapegoat as a cause of the loss of ‘ability’ some people in playing other hit games (read: CS, Warcraft, and others). However, these online multiplayer games also give a breath of freshness to the gamers who have started to decline in income after CS has diminished their interest. Because now they can also rent computers to be used to play online games through the internet that they offer.

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Most online multiplayer games require interaction among fellow players in the game. Well, don’t be surprised if later in the multiplayer game itself, there are relationships between players called the online gaming community.

Like other communities, this community of online gaming is also in the spotlight and should also have its own rules. I have several complaints about this community. As long as I play in the online game, I encounter some annoying things that are often encountered in this Indonesian online community. One of the most annoying things is the number of thieves in this virtual world. The point is thieves here are not when we are busy playing suddenly there is a thief transporting your computer. His annoyance was more or less similar, but the meaning of thieves in cyberspace was when we had gone to great lengths to defeat one monster to get the item it was carrying, suddenly there was someone who easily took the item before we could take it. And when we demand to be given to us, he will ignore us while saying “who can he get to week”. Annoying isn’t it?


Then there is also the behavior of our community that must be changed, namely the habit of talking dirty. If you are a father / mother / brother who has children / younger siblings, you should prevent them from entering this virtual world. Because all kinds of vocabulary of animals, the anatomy of the body, and things that are less beautiful will often be spoken by our online community.

In addition, there is also the habit of people online to ‘waste’. That is not an online community that likes to throw garbage in the game, which means it’s more annoying than that. “Spill” happened when we were actively attacking the enemy (and receiving attacks from the enemy), suddenly from a distance there was a flash of light that grabbed the enemy we were attacking which resulted in the death of the enemy. It turns out that there are other players who join in attacking the enemy from afar, even though he knows that in fact we have been struggling to attack the enemy. As a result, the experience that we should get belongs to him. If for example he accidentally can still be forgiven, but most people are like feeling innocent and then leaving without apologizing in the slightest. Fortunately there are several online games that provide a ‘sharing experience’ system for those who participate in defeating the enemy.

Then how do you improve the annoying behavior of the online gaming community in Indonesia? We must see from the beginning, where the online game came from. Online games are actually originally an interactive chat system. Which then developed into what it is today. Meanwhile, the chat itself also has rules. Rules that should also be applied to online games. Like for example there is a special program in the game that can automatically censor dirty words, or can ‘punish’ people who talk dirty.

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If you improve the behavior of thieves and “wasteful” earlier also requires an active role from the game masters of the game in question to provide actions or special events that can make the thieves deterred. For example, players who feel that their goods are taken by someone else can complain to the police (which in the game is actually game masters or can be players who are given special abilities), then the thief is arrested and then taken to court chosen by the real judge master game. Aside from that, it also makes the game more attractive, it can also indirectly educate the online gaming community to be good.

If indeed after these things still happen, it means that the morals of those players are already decrepit. At least there can be war between good and bad. Indeed, all of them return to each of us, do we want to be labeled good or bad? At least, all of this ‘only happened in cyberspace right?

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