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Google Analytics a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics for a website. Google Analytics is also useful for analyzing the effectiveness of AdWords ads installed on Google. With Google Analytics, users can find out which ads and keywords refer to the user’s website the most. Google Analytics is also used to determine the traffic density of a website / blog. By using Google Analytics one can make a report about website / blog traffic in a daily, weekly, or monthly period.

Ok we just go straight. Your first step is opening Google Analytics

Then you register

After that, fill in “account name“, “site name” and “site URL

After you fill it like this

The next step is select “Get Tracker ID

After that a “Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement” will appear. in this section you check “I also agree to the data processing requirements as required by GDPR”.

After that the checklist “I agree to the data protection requirements of the measurement controllers for the data that I share with Google“. Then select “I Agree“.

If the steps above have been done, then you will enter the Google Analytics Dashboard. In this section you should do it as follows:

1. Select settings
2. Select the Tracking Code
3. Copy-Paste the tracking code below <head>
copy-paste here

If you have, then you can see the results on the Google Analytics Dashboard


The following are attached videos on how to register a Google Analytics account

May be useful

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