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This time I will share how to find out the location of friends through the Facebook 2020 application and how to easily share our location to friends, as well as how to disable the location sharing feature on the Facebook application.

But remember, do not use the functions / advantages of this Facebook application to find your ex. Hehehe

The first step you open the facebook application on your mobile.

After that, select the settings section on the top right.

Then choose friends around.

Then select “Start”

In this section you can set the privacy of your location, whether for friends or special friends or family? Everything is arranged here.

After you have set your privacy, you can see the results as follows:

Easy right? πŸ™‚

Good luck!!

The updated features provided in this Facebook application are almost 100% according to the user’s point coordinates. But when we scoop in more detail we can’t know the exact location where? : D
Facebook application can be downloaded at Google Play Store or App Store.
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