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Maybe from friends there are family members or relatives who have died and have a Facebook account, you can make changes to the account to inform the subordinate who has an account that is gone.

Here are the easy steps to change your Facebook account into a memorable account.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Enter the settings / settings in the upper right
  3. Then enter the General Account Settings section
  4. After that choose edit in the Settings section Change to Account Memory
  5. In the Contact section of your heir, you can add a family or friend that you trust to do this editing and or you can immediately deactivate your account at the bottom to permanently delete your account instead of selecting heir contact and then choose Request your account to be deleted after you die.

After you have chosen to have your account deleted after you die, the following information will appear:

Delete Account After Death
“You have requested that your account be permanently deleted after death. After someone tells us that you have died, no one will be able to see your profile again. If you want your friends and family to visit your profile and share future memories, you can choose to keep your Facebook account in place. “

Settings Change to Account Memories
Contact your heir
Choose someone to manage your account after you are gone. He will be able to:
Manage tribute posts on your profile, including determining who can post and who can see posts, delete posts, and unmark

Request the deletion of your account
Respond to requests for new friends
Update your profile photo and cover photo
The testator can only manage posts after you die. He will not be able to post as you or see your message. Learn more

We will notify the heir contact that you chose it. He will not be notified again until your account is made into a memory.

If you don’t want a Facebook account after you die, you can ask to delete your account permanently instead of selecting heir contact.

The heir contact is someone you choose to safeguard your account if it is made into a memory. If you add heir contact to your account, that person will be able to manage your account after it has been made into a memory.

Your heir contact can:
Write an embedded post for your profile (e.g., share the final message on your behalf or provide information about memory services).
See your posts, even if you set your privacy to Only Me.
Determine who can see and post the attribute, if the memory account has an area for the attribute.
Remove tribute posts.
Change who can see the posts that tag you.
Remove your tag from someone’s post.
Respond to new friend requests (e.g. old friends or new family members using Facebook).
Update your profile photo and cover photo.
Request the deletion of your account.

If you enable timeline review, the testator’s contact can later deactivate the requirement to review posts and alerts before they appear in the attributes section.

You can allow the testator’s contact to download a copy of what you shared on Facebook.
We might add other capabilities for future heir contact.

Your heir contact cannot:
Login to your account.
Read your message.
Remove your friends or make new friend requests.
Learn more about memories and how to add heir contact to your account.
If you are the testator’s contact, learn how to manage the memory profile.

Note: You must be 18 years or older to choose an heir contact.

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