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In modern times, many dangerous hackers try to take Facebook accounts to sell information about data, photos and videos on your Facebook. They have many ways to steal facebook accounts to sell. One of them is by making fake facebook login and through situ-porn. If your account has been hacked, you can’t do anything unless your account has a recovery email and or recovery cellphone number.

This time I will provide information about how to secure your Facebook account.

  1. You open your Facebook, then enter Settings

  1. Enter Security and Login Info

  1. Select Two-Factor Authentication, then select Use two-factor authentication,> Edit

  1. In this menu you can secure your Facebook by using the Authentication Application or by Text Message (SMS).
    Use your authentication application (e.g. Duo or Google Authenticator)

  1. In the Set via Third-party Authentication you must use the Duo application or Google Authenticator.
    At this stage you open the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone.
    Select START
    In this section you select one, Scan the Barcode or Enter the given key. If you choose Scan Barcode, you can simply scan the QR Code provided by Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook.
    If you choose Enter the given key, you just enter the Account Name (example: fb infosolution), then enter the 32 digit Code provided by Facebook (no spaces), then ADD.
  2. After you Scan the Barcode or Enter the key provided, the next step is to enter the confirmation code in the Google Authenticator application into the two-factor authentication code confirmation on Facebook.
    While opening the Google Authenticator application

Done!! Easy right? 🙂

  1. After you have activated two-factor authentication using the Authentication Application, now you try to enable two-factor authentication using Text Messaging (SMS).
  2. The first step select the Phone Number you want to add. Then select Continue.
  1. After you enter the phone number, later you will receive an SMS CODE from Facebook. You enter the code here.
  2. Done !! 🙂
    Security via Text Message (SMS) is activated. So every time you login to Facebook on a new device, you must enter the Code that is sent via Text Message (SMS) from Facebook.


  1. Next is the Recovery code.
    This Recovery Code serves to restore your account if at any time your cellphone is lost and cannot log in using Text Message (SMS) or the Google Authenticator Application. So you save both this code in physical form (can be printed or recorded on paper).

For security keys using U2F or NFC not explained in this post due to device limitations. 🙂

Those are some ways to secure your Facebook from hacker attacks.
Prevention is better than restoring. Because if your Facebook account has been hacked, not necessarily your account can be restored.

May be useful.

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