Application Peduli Lindungi Efforts to Prevent Spread of COVID-19in Indonesia

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Peduli Lindungi Application for handling Corona or Covid-19 viruses– now has been present and developed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) to help deal with the spread of the Corona virus which is increasingly rampant, a very cool application and helps residents and families at home to monitor the movement of this virus.

However, this caring application cannot be downloaded on the Google Play Store or App Store platforms, because Kominfo has not launched it, but friend, we can download it with an APK file which we will provide at the end of this article, in addition to the file how we will also help ways its use. Application Updates Already in Playstore.

Peduli Lindungi Application for handling Corona or Covid-19 viruses

To get this application you can simply access the official website that is or you can download it below with mediafire file, but before using it of course you want to know the advantages of this Care Protect application is not, here are the advantages of the application this.

  1. Can help stop the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
  2. The application is very light and easy to use.
  3. We can connect with the owner of this application too.
  4. Know these users are Patients Under Supervision (PDP) and People Under Supervision (ODP).
  5. The hospital can monitor people who are Corona positive and contact people who have been in contact with those who are positive.
  6. By installing the Care Protect application we have helped the hospital in preventing transmission of this virus.
  7. By installing this application you can monitor the area around you.
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Download Application Peduli Lindungi
Download Via Playstore

How to Use and Install the Application Peduli Lindungi

  1. Please download the application first.
  2. It will be automatically installed because all of you download the official PlayStore application.
  3. Then Open the Care Protect Application and please go to the registration stage.
  4. Then please enter your full name and cellphone number to send the OTP code or it can be called a verification code.
  5. After entering the OTP code, please enter the registration earlier.
  6. Then when the application list asks for permission then please click agree, as a sign you are ready to be contacted at any time.
  7. Then the application will also ask for permission to access Bluetooth as search material for your smartphone’s location.

Maybe that’s all we can share about Peduli Lindungi Aplikasi Penanganan Virus Corona Atau Covid-19 hopefully useful, and hopefully we are kept away from viruses that are endemic throughout the world, do not panic remain vigilant and always clean your hands and keep your diet always providing vitamin intake.

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