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How to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 Hoax on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp launches Covid-19 Information Center via the website This site offers access to accurate information as well as tips for users to reduce the spread of rumors.

Because, WhatsApp is often used as a means of sharing information that cannot be justified.

Broadcast messages about the corona virus and Covid-19 disease spread, including hoax messages.

For this reason, the circulation of misinformation and hoax messages about the corona virus must be stopped so as not to cause panic.

Here are some tips for stopping the circulation of misinformation messages on WhatsApp:

1. Recognize Fake News

Look for signs that can help users decide whether the information is fake. For example, messages that are forwarded without source or without proof.

Photos, videos, and even sound recordings can be engineered to mislead users.

Think Before Sharing Messages to Groups / Others

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2. Think Before Sharing Messages to Other People or Groups

Messages labeled “Forwarded” (Forwarded) help users to find out whether the message was written by friends or relatives, or whether the message actually came from someone else.

When a message is forwarded from one user to more than five times, this message will be marked with a ‘double arrow’ icon to indicate that the message is ‘Highly Forwarded’, and may potentially contain misinformation.

3. Help Stop Spread

If the user realizes that an information does not look correct or makes an unofficial medical claim, ask the sender if they can verify the information.

Don’t forward messages just because someone else is asking you to do it, even though that person is your friend.

Verification with Reliable Sources

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4. Verification with Other Sources

Look for the facts online and check trusted sites such as WHO, the health ministry in your country, or trusted news sites, such as, to find out where the story came from.

5. Report a Message or User Account Proven to Share Inaccurate Information

WhatsApp encourages users to report problematic content, contacts, groups.

You can report all information in the WhatsApp application by visiting ‘Settings / After> Help> Contact Us.

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