Earlier this April, researchers warned that the symptoms of COVID-19 were no longer coughing

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Entering April 2020, experts revealed surprising new facts about COVID-19. Experts say, COVID-19 which continues to mutate has entered a benign phase.

This makes COVID-19 no longer cause dry cough, shortness of breath and fever, but the symptoms become muscle aches. Quoted from Sindonews.com, Megan Coffee from New York University which is a study said, they found an association between muscle pain and COVID-19 cases during an analysis of 53 patients in Wenzhou, China.

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However, Prof. Coffe will ask the patient about shortness of breath before other symptoms that are less serious. “Our hope is to help doctors in the first stage be able to identify who might be sick because of many minor cases,” he was quoted as saying by Business Insider.

Meanwhile, according to Thesun, pain is caused by cytokines released into the body in response to infection.

Meanwhile, thousands of viral genetic sequences have been uploaded to NextStrain’s open database which shows how viruses migrate and divide into new subtypes. Researchers say the data shows the corona virus mutates on average every 15 days, according to National Geographic.

Meanwhile, co-founder of NextStrain, Trevor Bedford, said that the mutation was so small that no one strain was more deadly than the others. Researchers also believe the strain will not grow more deadly when it evolves.

“This mutation is really benign and useful as a piece of the puzzle to reveal how the virus spreads,” Bedford told National Geographic, quoted by The Sun Sunday April 5, 2020.

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He added that various types of viruses make it possible to track their transmission and how widespread they are, which indicates whether the isolation policy itself has an impact.

“We will be able to find out how far away the transmission we see and answer the question,” Can we release our feet from the gas? “Bedford said.

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