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WhatsApp can only forward messages once at a time to prevent Corona Hoaxes

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now features a limitation of forwarding messages to one chat at a time.

The presence of this feature is WhatsApp’s effort to minimize the circulation of disinformation and hoaxes related to Covid-19 which is widely shared through the message application.

Previously, in 2019, WhatsApp introduced special alerts for messages that have been forwarded aliases repeatedly to users.

Messages that have been shared frequently, are marked with a ‘double arrow’ icon to indicate that the message is not from the user’s closest contact.

These messages are less personal than other messages sent via WhatsApp.

Now, as stated in the official statement received coverage6, Tuesday (04/07/2020), WhatsApp introduced a feature that limits these messages. So, it can only be forwarded to one chat at a time.

WhatsApp claims, as a private messaging service, over the years it has made several efforts to help keep conversations private to users.

Many Forward Messages have the Potential to Disinform and Hoax

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“For example, we previously set limits on messages that were forwarded to handle viral content, which caused a reduction in messages that were forwarded as much as 25 percent globally at the time,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

WhatsApp does not consider forwarding messages to be always bad. For example if the message being forwarded is a funny video, useful information, prayers or aphorisms.

However, WhatsApp also sees a significant increase in the number of messages forwarded by users.

“Overflow of messages that users get is too much and has the potential to contain misinformation. We believe it is very important to inhibit the spread of these messages so that WhatsApp remains the right place to establish personal conversations,” WhatsApp said.

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In addition to this update, WhatsApp also works directly with NGOs and governments, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and more than 20 health ministries around the world, to help connect people with accurate information.

Together, these trusted authority agencies have sent hundreds of millions of messages directly to people who want to obtain official information.

Users can learn more about this initiative, and find out how to report myths, hoaxes, and false news to fact-checking organizations, in the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Center.

In Indonesia, a few weeks ago WhatsApp launched a chatbot related to Covid-19 in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) to answer questions from the Indonesian people around Covid-19.

How, users can send chats to the official WhatsApp chatbot Covid-19 number (0811-3339-9000) and receive answers in the form of information choices that they can find out more about.

This chatbot service is designed as one of the official channels of the Indonesian government to provide an official source of information and useful tips to the people of Indonesia so that it is always safe and protected from the spread of Covid-19.

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