PSBB Valid Today! What is the Fate of the Ojol Driver in the Middle of the PSBB?

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PSBB Berlaku Hari Ini! Bagaimana Nasib Driver Ojol di Tengah PSBB

Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for DKI Jakarta take effect from today. However, one of the policies which prohibits the driver of a vehicle carrying passengers is rejected by an online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol).

“We strongly reject restrictions on the prohibition of transporting passengers for motorcycle users in general and for online motorcycle taxi specifically, because motorbike transportation is a means of transportation that is generally used by ordinary people for daily activities,” said the Chairman of the National Presidium Indonesian Guard Igun Wicaksono in his statement, last Thursday (9/4/2020).

Bacaan Lainnya

Specifically ojol drivers, he said, motorbikes were a source of income. With the ban on transporting passengers, the driver’s income stops.

“Especially for online motorcycle taxi drivers who use motorbike as a source of income in earning a living, the prohibition on carrying passengers will have an impact on the cessation of income of the online motorcycle taxi driver income from passenger services, also for online motorcycle taxi service users who will have difficulty in doing activities,” he explained.

Therefore, he asked the DKI Jakarta Governor not to prohibit drivers carrying passengers.

What are Gojek and Grab Responses?

Ojol service provider company, Gojek is still studying the government’s plan to forbid drivers from carrying passengers during PSBB.

“Currently we are studying and discussing further with the government regarding the implementation of this regulation,” said Chief Corporate Affairs Gojek Nila Marita through a written statement last Wednesday (04/08/2020).

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But in principle, the Gojek strives to comply with every rule issued by the government to protect the community from the effects of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Neneng Goenadi said that his party supports the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But Grab wants the government to continue allowing drivers to serve passengers with specific destinations.

“We hope that the government can still allow our customers to continue using ojol services, specifically to deliver them to and from hospitals and also to and from markets, supermarkets or minimarkets to buy daily necessities,” he said.

Currently it is coordinating with stakeholders, especially the local government that will regulate the PSBB policy in each city or region.

Since the beginning the Corona virus pandemic has also actively appealed to all driver partners to prioritize their health and take overall preventative measures.

“Including wearing masks at all times, disinfecting vehicles regularly, always washing their hands and cleaning their hands, maintaining a safe distance through contactless delivery procedures (GrabFood and GrabExpress shipping partners). We have implemented this initiative in all cities in Indonesia,” he added.


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