This is a Complete Update on Jokowi’s Worker Card

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The Project Management Officer (PMO) Prakarsa Card delivered a new update about President Joko Widodo’s program. One of them is about disbursement of incentives and registration of wave 4.

Director of Communications Management Pelaskana Prakarsa Panji Winanteya Ruky said that until now the registration of the 4th Wave Worker Card has not been opened. Because the committee is still conducting a review process together with government agencies.

But the latest news about the training face to face or offline. The PMO is preparing to hold an offline class plan.

“Later, it will be combed which areas are safe to carry out [face-to-face classes] and curation will soon be started by a digital platform. However, the implementation is awaiting the results of the Committee’s review and decision. Safety aspects and health protocols need to be prepared,” Panji told CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (4/6 / 2020).

The PMO also reported that it had disbursed Rp 600 thousand incentives to 361,214 participants out of 434 thousand participants who had completed the Pre-Employment Card training program.

For information, to get incentives, Workers Card participants must first complete training to pass account verification. The training fee is in the form of a voucher of Rp. 1 million.

This incentive of Rp. 600,000 per month will be given for 4 months. Then there are survey fees of Rp 50,000 for each survey. In total, the benefits received by the Workers Card participants were Rp 3.55 million.


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