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This Update on Prepaid Card Disbursement & Wave 4 Registration

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The Program Management Officer (PMO) for the Work Card revealed that the Work 600 Card incentive was disbursed to 361,214 participants. This is equivalent to Rp 216.73 billion. How about the rest and registration of wave 4?

Panji Managing Director of Communication Management Implementation Winanteya Ruky said there were 680,256 participants of the Pre-Employment Card accepted. As many as 434 thousand have completed the training.

“Of the 434 thousand participants who have completed the training, only 361 thousand have received incentives,” he told CNBC Indonesia on Friday (6/5/2020).

Just information, to get incentives, Workers Card participants must first complete the training and pass account verification. The training fee is in the form of a voucher of Rp. 1 million.

The incentive of Rp. 600 thousand per month will be given for four months. Furthermore, there are survey costs of Rp 50,000 each for three surveys. In total, the benefits received by the Workers Card participants were Rp 3.55 million.

Ruky added that there are 34 thousand accounts that have not yet been searched. The reason is, the bank account that is registered is not in its own name, the account has not been known by your customer (KYC) or the account is closed.

“The PMO has been socialized so that applicants use accounts in their own names. The feature to change / update accounts on the dashboard of the site is still under development by the engineering team,” explained Panji.

“Participants are also responsible for providing correct data. Use an account in their own name and make sure to use their own NIK. In the KYC account. For those whose accounts have been deactivated, immediately reactivate it. With BNI or the e-wallet operator.”

Regarding the acceptance of the four wave of Prakarsa Cards, Panji revealed that it was still in the process of being reviewed with the government supervisory agency.

“Offline class plans are being prepared. Combed which areas are safe to carry out and curation is immediately started by digital platforms,” ​​he explained.

The registration of the Pre-Employment Card has been suspended since mid-May 2020. President Joko Widodo has promised that registration will be open until November 2020. It is planned that there will be 5.6 million participants participating in the Pre-Employment Card with a budget of Rp 20 trillion.


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