Jakarta PSBB is Extended, Anies Allow Ojol & Opang to Operate

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DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan decided to extend the Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) with various easing. One of the easing is to allow online ojeg and base ojek to resume operations.

“Non-mass public transportation motorbike taxi, cars, operate with the Covid-19 protocol,” Anies said at a press conference at City Hall on Thursday (6/4/2020).

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The health protocol in question includes carrying one’s own helmet, diligently, using masks, washing hands and using a hand sanitizer.

For the record, Phase III PSBB of DKI Jakarta ends today. Based on data quoted from the corona.jakarta.go.id website, there were 7,539 positive cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta per Thursday (6/4/2020). Of that total, 1,699 were treated, 2,534 recovered, 529 died, and 2,777 were isolated independently.

While nationally, there were 28,233 positive confirmed cases of Covid-19 per Thursday (6/4/2020). Of that number, 18,129 were treated, 8,406 recovered, and 1,698 died.

Anies added, in the first phase of the extension of the PSBB which is expected to end at the end of June 2020, easing will be done.

“But only for activities that have one big benefit for the community. Second, there is a controlled risk effect,” Anies said.

“It works well, meaning that there is no surge in cases meaning all indicators show stability then it can mask a second phase of easing in broader fields.”

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The online motorcycle taxi and the base motorbike are according to the timeline submitted by Anies in the second week of June or on June 8-14, 2020. However, for Conventional and Online Taxis there is no change, they are still operating but with covid-19 protocol rules.

Source: cnbcindonesia.com

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