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New Reasons To Make A Driving License At The Age Of 17 Years

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I was curious about bikers, what is the new reason to make a SIM at the age of 17 years.

A driving license (SIM) is a sign that someone is fit to drive a vehicle.

Either a 4-wheeled vehicle or a 2-wheeled vehicle, an absolute SIM must be owned by someone who drives.

Various types of SIMs depend on the type of vehicle, such as SIM A for private cars, SIM D for persons with disabilities to SIM C for motorists.
Well, of course, bikers already have a driver’s license when they dare to decide to drive.

But I was wondering why at the age of 17 I was only allowed to make a SIM?

This turns out the reason bro, quoted from Kompas.com (7/6/2020)

A person can have a new SIM limit can be realized at the age of 17 years.
The requirements for making a SIM are clearly stated in the Law.

Sadly, there are still many Indonesians who don’t seem to care about the minimum age requirement.

Including parents who allow their children to fake the age of the alias ‘shoot’ SIM.

Though the action could actually endanger the safety of their own children.
Then why is it that at this age new vehicle owners can get a SIM?

Following is the answer from The Real Driving Center (RDC) Training Direction, Marcell Kurniawan.

According to Marcell, at the age of 17 a person is considered an adult because it has developed quite physically, behaviorally, and mentally.

“At that age a person is considered to be able to focus, take the right decisions and be able to take various anticipatory actions,” said Marcell, Sunday (07/06/2020).
It should be noted, at the age of 17 not all motorists become adults and care about how to drive well and correctly.

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At the age of 17 years to 20 years is an age that is vulnerable to deadly accidents.

“This can happen because, most drivers in Indonesia are less educated. ‘

“Not a few of those who get the competence to drive it self-taught, or not through driving courses,” said Marcell.
Therefore, these requirements should also be equipped with basic driving knowledge in order to drive properly and correctly.

Source: motorplus-online.com

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