Take notes Bro! The Application of Odd Even Motorcycle Rules Does Not Apply Yet, This is the Transportation Agency’s explanation!

The PSBB transition period in Jakarta is planned to apply an even number (GaGe) motorcycle rule but it has not been implemented in the first week.

Starting from June 8 until the end of June, the PSBB transition period in Jakarta was announced by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Governor Anies Baswedan issued Governor Regulation No. 51 of 2020 concerning CBDRW during the Transition to Healthy, Safe and Productive Communities.

In Pergub there is the application of even-odd rules on motorcycles which will start on Monday (06/08).

However, there are no derivative rules regarding where the location and time of even odd rules will be carried out.

The DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency said the even odd application for motorbikes and cars would not be enforced in the first week of the large-scale social limitation (PSBB) transition period.

Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, said that his party will first evaluate the situation and condition of the streets in Jakarta during the week of implementing the PSBB during the transition period.

“Even odd is not yet implemented, we will conduct an evaluation of traffic and transportation conditions in the first week of the implementation of the PSBB transition period,” said Syafrin when confirmed, Sunday (06/07/2020).

From the evaluation, said Syafrin, it will determine whether odd or even rules for motorcycles and cars are applied or not during the first phase of the PSBB transition period. It may not be enforced if in the first week shows Jakarta traffic is conducive to control.

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“The evaluation results will determine the even-numbered implementation going forward, whether carried out or not,” he said.

Source: motorplus-online.com

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