This Policeman Catches Flies in the Pandemic Period, Earns Rp. 15 Million Per Month

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In the midst of difficult times due to the corona outbreak, many people lost their livelihoods, either because they were laid off from work or because their business was hampered. However, what was done by Aiptu Sholihin might be an inspiration.

In addition to his working hours as the Head of Labuhan Batu Police Technical Information Section, Aiptu Sholihin in the past few months fills his time by cultivating black soldier fly (BSF) flies known to have quite high economic value.

Unmitigated, in a month, Sholihin could even get a profit of up to Rp. 15 million.

Aiptu Sholihin menunjukkan lalat hasil budidayanya.

At first Sholihin only had a 1×2 meter cage in his yard in Aik Paing Village, Rantauparapat, Labuhan Batu. He prepared 20 super female flies, to produce 10,000 BSF larvae or maggot for burning feed. It is known, one female BSF fly can produce 600 eggs.

Larva lalat BSF kering

Sholihin said, the flies that were started originated from the idea of their children studying in Java. Fly eggs are harvested every two or three days by 200 grams, of which one gram is priced at Rp 10 thousand.

“It’s easy, uncomplicated and not stressful. It doesn’t need a big expense and the results are pretty good,” he said.

Aiptu Sholihin menunjukkan lalat hasil budidayanya

Besides flies eggs, he also sells maggot white caterpillars at a price of Rp 8,000 per gram, and black caterpillar larvae at Rp 80 thousand per Kg. He even sold his flies to Aceh and Riau, utilizing his social network.

Proses bertelurnya lalat BSF (Black Soldier Fly)

Because the results are promising, Sholihin then enlarged his fly cage to 4×12 meters.


“So now it can accommodate around thousands more BSF flies, and can produce, which I have ever obtained, two days 200 grams,” he said.

Sholihin hopes that what he has done can be copied by the people, especially those who are struggling in the economy during the corona pandemic.

“The price of the egg is quite good, and the marketing is not difficult. Neighboring countries also had time to ask, but because they were unable to meet it, they couldn’t. Ask for 500 grams per day,” Sholihin added.


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