Hooray Kitchens Can Be Back, From Today Ojol Can Take Passengers, Here Are the Requirements!

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DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, has allowed online ojeg (ojol) and base ojek (opang) to operate normally carrying passengers.

This is because Jakarta has entered the Large-Scale Social Limitation (PSBB) transition.

The policy takes effect starting today, Monday (6/8/2020).

However, there are rules or protocols that must be followed by both Ojol and Opang in operating, especially when carrying passengers.

This provision is regulated in the Decree of the Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) No. 105 of 2020.

Contains about controlling the transportation sector for the prevention of Covid-19 during the transition to a healthy, safe and productive society.

In a decision signed by the Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo, on June 5, 2020, it was determined that if the ojol in operating transporting passengers was required to fulfill the following conditions;

  1. Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at least in the form of a mask and providing hand santizer.
  2. Not permitted to operate in areas designated as strict local control areas.
  3. Maintaining the cleanliness of motorbikes and passenger helmets, by conducting routine disinfection after each passenger transport.
  4. Commenced operations on June 8, 2020.
  5. Especially for online motorcycle taxi, besides fulfilling the provisions in no. 1, 2, 3, and 4, it is also mandatory to use a jacket and helmet with the name of the application company.

In the decree, Dishub specifically also asked the ojol applicator to make operational restriction arrangements so that they would not move in the red zone area.

“Online transportation application companies are obliged to apply geofencing arrangements so that the wheel transport driver (online motorcycle taxi) does not operate in the area designated as a strict local control area as referred to in the Third Dictum letter b.”

In the seventh decision, it was explained that the Transportation Agency would provide sanctions and fines for ojol or opang who violated the rules.

There are three sentences that have been prepared, namely;

  • An administrative fine of at least IDR 100,000 and a maximum of IDR 500,000
  • Social work consists of cleaning public facilities by wearing vests for violations committed by people, or
  • The act of towing into a motorized vehicle storage facility provided by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta

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