Jakarta Will Apply Even Odd For Motorcycle, Here’s A Transportation Expert!

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Bikers agree or not? Even odd for the motorcycle will be applied in DKI Jakarta. Will be applied during the PSBB transition period in Jakarta even-odd for motorcycles.

Apparently this news immediately made many parties comment and take a stand. Of course the DKI Jakarta government implements this policy with reasons and causes.

Bacaan Lainnya

One of the reasons the government applies this policy as a step to reduce congestion in Jakarta.

Responding to news of this policy, Trisakti’s Transportation and Logistics Lecturer commented.

Suharto Abdul Majid regretted that there was an even number of policies which were also applied to motorcycles, as quoted from Kompas.com (07/06/2020).

According to Majid, the policy was not accompanied by public transportation that was ready to support the needs of human mobility, especially during this pandemic.

“The odd-even policy should be accompanied by good public transportation,” he said when contacted on Sunday (06/07/2020).

Majid said, now the motorcycle is indeed the most people’s choice.

Besides being considered cheap, motorbikes also have the advantage of being flexible in certain conditions.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic that made people doubt the safety and health protocols applied in public transportation.

“It might be a contagion in public transportation, that’s why I said prepare first (public transportation with health protocol),” Majid said.

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Protest from residents

Activist woman protesting with megaphone Free Photo

According to Ramban Bawono, a South Tangerang resident who worked in Jakarta responded to this.

According to Ramban, if the Jakarta administration wants to apply even-numbered motorbikes, prepare public transportation first.

Especially in this Covid-19 pandemic season, said Ramban, many residents are wary of public transportation for fear of contracting.

“So it is better to prepare public vehicles first, especially now that you can only transport 50 percent (passengers),” said Ramban.

With this policy, it is possible that there should be an increase in public transportation so that residents can continue their activities with a sense of comfort and security.

Same with Wahyu Alamsyah Putra, a Bogor resident who has to ride a motorcycle to work in his office in the South Jakarta area.

“I still don’t agree, because I go back and forth using motorbikes,” he said when contacted.

Wahyu said, as a marketing person, he must meet clients and have high mobility to offer products to various places.

That is why, he still uses private vehicles so that mobility can be maintained.

“If using public transportation is difficult, we will meet clients,” he said.

The even number of odd rules stated in Article 17 of Chapter VI of DKI Jakarta Governor Regulation Number 51.

Although it has been signed by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, the regulation will be applied a week after the transition PSBB is in force.

“At this time of course in the next week even-odd is not yet valid,” said Head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo, Saturday (06/06/2020).

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Syafrin said that he would conduct an evaluation in a week and provide a report to the Governor of DKI Jakarta to discuss the mechanism of applying odd-even numbers.

“The results of the evaluation, which we will later report to the Governor, are related to the implementation of odd-even numbers in the future,” said Syafrin.

Source: motorplus-online.com

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