Health Experts Comment on the Partition that Ojol Takes When Passenger Transport, Is it Effective?

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Online motorcycle taxi (ojol) has indeed begun to be allowed to carry passengers again starting tomorrow (6/8/2020).

Previously, the government had banned ojol from carrying passengers during the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB).

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But there are some rules or protocols that ojol drivers must carry if they want to carry passengers.

The Two Wheel Action Joint (GARDA), an association of ojol, is creating a partition to limit ojol drivers to passengers.

This partition is also one of the latest health protocols, to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

However, according to Igun Wicaksono, Chairperson of the Indonesian GARDA National Presidium, there are still many laypeople who are not in their fields of expertise who also provide comments and opinions that deviate regarding this matter.

“In fact, the facts do not understand about the field of sanitation and health but comment in a layman,” said Igun through his official statement, Saturday (06/06/2020).

In response, Djasio Sanropie, an expert in sanitation and public health from the Indonesian Association of Environmental Health Experts (HAKLI) actually recommended to ojol drivers to use partitions.

“The goal is to minimize the presence of droplets from the driver to the passengers or vice versa,” he explained.

According to Djasio, the partitions used by ojol drivers certainly have to go through several trials to meet health, safety and comfort standards.

In addition, he also recommended that GARDA Indonesia conduct training on health protocols and basic personal hygiene for ojol drivers.

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“Then the ojol driver who has attended the education and training must be given an official certificate as a condition for being able to carry passengers,” he added Djasio.

Furthermore Igun explained, GARDA Indonesia as an association has an obligation to conduct supervision and recommendations for those who will produce partitions.

Because according to him, the partition must be of Indonesian National Certification (SNI) standard and ISO certification for the material used.

“GARDA Indonesia will also be communicated to the regulator, in this case the Task Force for the Acceleration of Co-19 Handling, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation,” he concluded.


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