Malicious Applications that Contain Malware on Android Phones

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Aplikasi Berbahaya yang Mengandung Malware di Ponsel Android
Aplikasi Berbahaya yang Mengandung Malware di Ponsel Android

Applications on the cell phone are not entirely safe for use. A number of applications reportedly have malware that can lurk to steal user data.

Recently, VPN Pro reported that the free video editing application VivaVideo was reported to have malware. VivaVideo application is an application made by a Chinese company, Qu Video which has been downloaded 100 million times the Play Store.

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VPN Pro states that VivaVideo was declared a spyware application in 2017. As a result, a number of countries have banned officials and military personnel from using the application.

VivoVideo is reportedly asking for dangerous permission from its users. For example, asking for permission to enter an external drive to a GPS location. As a video editing application, the request is actually not needed.

In addition to VivoVideo, QuVideo also develops the SlidePlus application which is dangerous for users because it requests unnecessary permissions. So far, there are four applications that are known to be made by developers from China, namely VivaVideo, SlidePlus, VivaCut, and Tempo.

Based on the data, VidStatus has been downloaded 50 million times in the Play Store. The application requested 9 dangerous permissions, including GPS, the ability to read the state of the cellphone, read contacts, and even through the user’s call log.

In addition, VidStatus requests permission to access the camera, turn the microphone on and off, and check the user’s cellphone. By Microsoft, the application was identified as containing a trojan that is commonly used to steal bank funds, cryptocurrency, or PayPal.

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Furthermore, the application developer company from China, Shenzhen HAWK Internet is also called to make 24 malicious and dangerous applications on Android. the company uses a number of different developer names to trick its victims. One mode used is being able to access the contact list on a smartphone.

The application is said to be able to download hundreds of millions of files and some of them are infiltrated by malware and rogueware. Some applications developed by Shenzhen HAWK Internet are Sound Recorder, Super Cleaner, Virus Cleaner 2019, File Manager, Joy Launcher, Turbo Browser, Weather Forecast, Candy Selfie Camera, Hi VPN – Free VPN, to Candy Gallery.

On the other hand, CyberNews investigation stated that there were 103 applications developed by 27 Android application developers suspected to have become a means of data theft. Allegations that arise after a hundred applications that have the same characteristics, even some have the same code.

The developer of the dangerous Android application used the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) corona virus pandemic momentum to create applications that request location data. CyberNews estimates that revenue for this application can be almost US $ 1 million per month.

The application developer network is named 2NAD. CyberNews said the developer of 2NAD has the same Privacy Policy, all of whose copies are published in Google Documents.

The websites listed for each application are all based on the same and incomplete Firebase ‘website’, all with the same URL structure.


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