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The Easy Way to Fire the WhatsApp Group Admin

The WhatsApp messaging application by default mandates one person to be an admin in a discussion group. Usually, the user who is an admin is the person who created the group, who later he can add other users in the group as admin.

At least, there are two important tasks of a WhatsApp group admin. First, the group admin is the person who gives access permission to enter, delete, and make another user’s admin in the group.

The second task of an admin is to determine who can change the WhatsApp group info and participate in it. He can set whether ‘Everyone’ can change group info and send chats, or ‘Only admins’ where only he can change info or send messages in the group.

Ilustrasi Whatsapp. Foto Nugroho Sejati kumparan
Ilustrasi Whatsapp. Foto Nugroho Sejati kumparan

Both of these functions make the WhatsApp group admin should only be given by certain people, according to cyber security experts. Cyber security expert from Vaksincom, Alfons Tanujaya, recommends that not all users become WhatsApp group admins.

Alfons appeal was based on the many cases of hacking WhatsApp accounts by hackers. According to Alfons, if someone’s account gets hacked and it turns out the victim is an admin in a group, hackers can change and freeze the group.
“Don’t make all admin members. If there is a hijacked account he can be in the group by firing all the admins and freezing the group so that no one can post anything in the group. So, no one can give a warning in the group if their WA account is hijacked, “Alfons said in a post on Facebook, Sunday (7/6).

Therefore, you need to reset who can be an admin in the group, if all users in your WhatsApp group have already become an admin. To ‘fire’ someone as an admin in a group is quite easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group subject.
  2. Tap ‘Group settings’
  3. Select ‘Edit group admin’.
  4. Tap the check mark of the user you want to delete as admin.

For the record, the person who created the group (initial admin) cannot be deleted as the WhatsApp admin. His status as a new admin can be lost if he leaves the group.


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