Mal Buka Kala New Normal Bisa Kuatkan Pasar Ponsel yang Lesu
Mal Buka Kala New Normal Bisa Kuatkan Pasar Ponsel yang Lesu

Open Malls When New Normal Can Strengthen the Sluggish Mobile Market

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IDC Indonesia said the opening of the shopping center operations will help increase mobile phone sales which dropped during the implementation of the Large-Scale Sector Limitation (PSBB).

Because, 80 percent of the Indonesian market is still done offline or through retail sales in physical stores. This was revealed by Market Analyst and Client Devices, IDC Indonesia, Risky Febrian.

“This condition [plummeted] is expected to begin to improve after the retail center is permitted to operate again,” Risky said when contacted by, Wednesday (3/6).

Previously, he had mentioned smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2020 falling 7.3 percent year on year (year on year / YoY) and 24.1 percent on quarter over quarter (quarter to quarter / QoQ).

Various mobile phone vendors have started to push online sales to run the business. Online sales were made after many stores in the mall were closed in the PSBB to break the Covid-19 pandemic chain. However, this still does not help with cellphone sales, which mostly rely on physical sales.

“In general, the PSBB conditions that are applied in the majority of cities in Indonesia mean that retail centers must also be closed and this has an impact on the smartphone market as well, this is because more than 80 percent of the Indonesian market is still supported by offline sales channels,” Risky said.

Risky said the online sales sector has not had a significant impact on patching offline sales. Because vendors do not encourage increased online sales capacity in small cities.

“There is indeed a significant increase in online channels, but this increase generally only occurs in big cities like Jakarta,” Risky said.

Previously, IDC also noted that there were 7.5 million smartphone units sent to Indonesia in the first quarter.

Reflecting on the numbers above, according to the IDC Quarterly Mobile Tracker, the figure shows a new record low in the last two years caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus pandemic (Covid-19).

Risky said the signs of a slowdown in the market began in March 2020 when the central government began to echo the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), which required cell phone retail outlets to be temporarily closed.


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