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Interest in Indonesian Children’s Computer Gaming Declines During the Corona Pandemic

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Kaspersky’s research results show that children’s interest in Indonesia in computer games declined during the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic.

This decline occurred in the last three months, especially when compared to the period before the pandemic. Based on anonymous data collected by Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) from Kaspersky Safe Kids users on the Windows and macOS platforms, children have decreased interest in games on their personal computers during quarantine.

Children’s online interest in computer games has fluctuated changes. Based on Kaspersky statistics, the highest interest in computer games for children in the country was in April at 16.32 percent and decreased in May to 13.23 percent.

In January, children’s interest was 16.02 percent, a drop of almost 50 percent to 8.95 percent. In March it rose to 11.21 percent, April rose to 16.32 percent, while in May it dropped to 13.23 percent.

“The decline in interest in games on personal computers can be explained by the increasing need to use them for other activities. For example, the educational process is easier to access via personal computers than on mobile devices,” web content analysis expert at Kaspersky Anna Larkina said in a written statement on Friday. (5/6).

Meanwhile, children’s interest in computer games in the world has changed significantly in the first five months of this year.

During the period March to May 2020, interest in this category decreased consistently compared to January and February.

In January, children’s interest in computer games was 15.69 percent, in February the figure dropped to 15.36 percent. March stood at 13.94 percent, April declined to 13.28 percent, in May interest declined to 13.26 percent.

The decline in children’s interest in games is only relevant for Windows, because they still have a tendency to play games on Windows computers compared to Mac.

“We can see that even though children spend most of their time at home, they use computers wisely and don’t feel the need to jump into video games,” Larkina said.


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