Hacker with anonymous mask Free Photo
Hacker with anonymous mask Free Photo

Many People Are Interested In Being Hackers During the Corona Pandemic

A data written by Cybernews shows that during the SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) corona virus pandemic, many people wanted to learn to be hackers or hackers.

This is related to increasing unemployment rates throughout the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hacking or hacking is one alternative that is sought to get income.

So that it is estimated that this year cyber crime rates will skyrocket due to economic slowdown. Cybernews estimates that there will be a massive wave of cyber crime later this year.

Based on Cybernews searches, searches for hacking, scamming, and other forms of cyber crime have increased rapidly. The increase in keywords occurred in early March to May 2020.

According to Edvardas Mikalauskas from Cybernews, the keywords hacking course and ethical hacking course even reached the highest search points in history. In addition, there was an increase in site visits and hacker forums by 66 percent in March.

The five keywords cyber crime reached the highest search peak in the last five years. While eight keywords related to learning to hack reached the highest point in the past year.

The five keywords are how to get on the dark web (how to get the dark web), how to scam (how to scam), and learn hacking (learn to hack).

“The search volume for eight other keywords related to learning cyber crime such as how to hack, how to search for hackers, hacking tutorials, and the empire market also increased during March and April,” Mikalauskas wrote quoted from the release information received by CNNIndonesia.com , Tuesday (2/6).

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However, Cybernews said the possibility of increasing this search was not entirely carried out by those interested in learning to be hackers. Searches can also be caused by other things, such as high rates of cyber attacks.

Referring to the data, Mikalauskas considered that the increase in search terms related to hacking could be an indicator of a surge in cyber crime in the future.

Cybernews data further shows that cyber hackers usually come from countries and regions that are economically in the middle to lower category.

“The surge in searches related to crime in cyberspace is being observed and most of them are from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nigeria,” he continued.

Because, according to Mikalauskas in that country there are no laws related to cyber crime. If there are, the rules are not implemented properly.

CyberNews also suggested that when working from home to suppress the corona virus pandemic this should be used by institutional and company stakeholders to improve themselves.

The way to do this is by increasing network protection in terms of cyber security as a means of mitigation when facing a surge in hacking in the future.

Some time ago, the National Siber and Sandi Agency (BSSN) released data related to cyber attacks during the corona virus pandemic in Indonesia, which has increased nearly six times.

According to data compiled by the BSSN National Cyber ​​Security Operations Center, from January to March 2020 total cases of cyber attacks in Indonesia amounted to 80,837,445.

BSSN data also shows that there has been a malicious attack on Zoom video conferencing services that use encoding containing metasploit, adware, and hiddenad / hiddad modules.

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While there are 25 global cyber attacks utilizing the Covid-19 issue. BSSN said the types of attacks launched were malware, phishing, and ransomware.

Source: cnnindonesia.com

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