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At 12:00 WIB: Rupiah Weakens to Rp. 13,920 / US $

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The exchange rate of the rupiah against the United States dollar (US) is still weak in today’s spot market trading. The US Dollar holds above Rp. 13,900.
Today, Wednesday (6/10/2020) at 10:00 WIB, US $ 1 is priced at Rp 13,920. Rupiah weakened 0.58% compared to the position of the previous day’s close.

Following are the US dollar exchange rates in the Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF) market at 11:33 WIB:

1 WeekRp 14.218
1 MonthRp 14.288
2 MonthRp 14.398
3 MonthRp 14.449
6 MonthRp 14.659
9 MonthRp 14.859
1 YearRp 15.084
2 YearRp 15.846,9

The following is the Domestic NDF (DNDF) exchange rate at 09:27 WIB:

1 MonthRp 14.100
3 MonthRp 14.230

Following are US dollar exchange rates at a number of national banks at 11:34 WIB:

BankHarga BeliHarga Jual
Bank BNIRp 13.800Rp 14.300
Bank BRIRp 13.805Rp 14.305
Bank MandiriRp 13.750Rp 14.250
Bank BTNRp 13.735Rp 14.285
Bank BCARp 13.800Rp 14.300
CIMB NiagaRp 14.092Rp 14.152
Bank PaninRp 14.120Rp 14.200


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