Samsung chose Vietnam suppliers
Samsung chose Vietnam suppliers

Samsung prefers Vietnam over Indonesia because of complicated business licenses

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Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), Rosan P Roeslani, said that one of the reasons Samsung’s company did not invest in Indonesia was related to licensing issues. The complexity of licensing makes foreign companies reluctant to relocate to Indonesia.

“I still remember Samsung I used this example. Samsung Indonesia used to have 2 years turned out to be a difficult licensing bureaucracy eventually they invested in Vietnam,” he said at the Indonesian House of Representatives, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/09/2020).

World Bank Data

He got a report from the World Bank that 33 companies that came out of China, instead investing in neighboring countries.

“23 (companies) chose (investment) in Vietnam, 10 others went to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Nobody came to us,” Jokowi explained when chairing a limited meeting anticipating economic development at the Jakarta Presidential Office, Wednesday (9/4) .

“Once again, 33 companies in China are out, I repeat, 23 to Vietnam, 10 to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia,” Jokowi repeated.

The former Governor of DKI Jakarta believes that there are serious problems so investors are reluctant to invest in Indonesia. Jokowi said the foreign company chose Vietnam because the time needed to complete the permit was only two months.

“We can spend years, the cause is only that, nothing else. Therefore, I told him to collect regulations, yes (to simplify),” Jokowi said.


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