Woman is eating in Restaurant with social distancing protocol while lockdown City due to Coronavirus pandemic

Rules That Must Be Applied During the New Normal Period in Restaurants

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The Covid 19 case continues today. Now the Corona positive case has reached 5 million. In addition to the crisis in the health sector there are also crises in other fields such as the economy. Various methods are used in dealing with this pandemic, one of which is New Normal policy

New normal or new normality is a concept that was continued by WHO in dealing with the Corona pandemic in this world. New normal policy provides leeway for people to socialize, but still in the health protocol. The new normal policy itself in Indonesia is still not fully implemented in all regions. Only certain regions have implemented it. Sooner or later maybe New Normal will be evenly enforced in all areas. We certainly have to be ready with that policy. Some additional regulations might apply to all public places, including restaurants.

Woman is eating in Restaurant with social distancing protocol while lockdown City due to Coronavirus pandemic

Restaurants that are public places should also pay more attention to cleanliness and health protocols since this virus vaccine has not yet been found. Restaurants can also be a place of rapid virus transmission. In New Normal, some of these policies will be present in restaurants, namely:

1. Body Temperature Checking

Isolated Hand holding with Infrared Thermometer (thermometer gun). Checking forehead temperature measurement scan on white background. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). protect concept. Clipping path.

Before the pandemic took place maybe when entering the restaurant, visitors can be free. However, when this pandemic is on average, visitors must go through a body temperature check first and are required to wash their hands or hand sanitizers before entering. This is very important to prevent transmission of the virus. When New is normal it is not impossible that this is still there to prevent transmission.

2. Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Doctor wearing ppe suit and face mask and face shield in hospital, Corona virus, Covid-19 virus outbreak concept.

Of course this is very inconvenient if we use it to eat in restaurants. But this might be applied in restaurants restaurants. This is a step to prevent personal transmission. The use of a mask or face shield is definitely required but visitors can also add it by wearing gloves.

3. Chair and Table Modifications

Restoran di Bangkok untuk Jaga Jarak Aman Antar Pengunjung AFP

Chairs and tables are also modified so that visitors do not touch. Tables or chairs can be given a bulkhead bulkhead in order to implement physical distancing. Bulkhead can be in the form of clear mica so that visitors can still interact with each other. And each room can only be filled with a few people.

4. Utilizing Technology

waitress using digital tablet while taking order restaurant
waitress using digital tablet while taking order restaurant

In serving its customers, waiters can still implement physical distancing by using technology. Customers can order food through a cellphone or tablet provided by the restaurant. This is certainly effective in reducing physical contact. A number of restaurants have done this much even before the Covid 19 pandemic.

5. Restricted Visitors

one of the restaurants in Japan that uses physical distancing

Before the Corona vaccine was discovered it was necessary to restrict visitors to restaurants. Restaurants are certainly not allowed to fill 100% of the capacity of visitors. This restriction is intended as the application of physical distancing. There may be other alternatives such as order delivery services.

6. Bring your own cutlery

Top view of chopping board with cutlery wrapped in cloth Free Photo
Top view of chopping board with cutlery wrapped in cloth Free Photo

Bringing your own tableware can be an alternative to keep the virus from being transmitted. Cutlery can be in the form of spoons, gaepu, drinking containers or even food containers. Maybe this can become a new habit later when new normal considering many places to eat that do not maintain the cleanliness of their cutlery. Although troublesome but this method is effective in preventing transmission of the virus.

Maybe the things above can happen in restaurants when new normal later. But it would be nice if we bring our own food from home. Besides being more economical we also know very well how the food is made and also the level of cleanliness. The point is that if it’s not too urgent it’s better to avoid the crowd.

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