Pembaruan Musim Panas! Clash of Clans
Pembaruan Musim Panas! Clash of Clans

Summer Update! Clash of Clans

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With the Summer 2020 Update for Clash of Clans just around the corner, let’s kick off the previews and share the first of our sneak peeks!

It wouldn’t be a major update if we didn’t include some new levels for you to upgrade! In today’s preview, we’re revealing new levels for your Defenses, Troops, Siege Machines, Spells, and Heroes! Furthermore, we’ve re-tuned the Lightning Spell a bit and it now occupies a single Housing Space.

 LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHP
Cannon1916M Gold16 Days1462000
Wizard Tower1317.2M Gold17 Days842700
Traps & Walls
  • 1x additional Spring Trap available at Town Hall 13
  • 50x additional Wall segments can be upgraded to Level 14
Troops & Siege Machines
 LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHPTraining TimeTraining Cost
Archer9 (TH12)11.5M Elixir12 Days31566 sec700 Elixir
Baby Dragon715M Elixir15 Days 12 Hours13518001 min 30 sec11K Elixir
Golem10270k Dark Elixir16 Days80/800*80005 mins800 Dark Elixir
Lava Hound6270k Dark Elixir16 Days20/350*80005 mins750 Dark Elixir
Wall Wrecker414M Elixir16 Days400650020 mins100K Gold
Battle Blimp414M Elixir16 Days330/1400*450020 mins100K Gold
Stone Slammer414M Elixir16 Days700/500*650020 mins100K Gold

* Damage when destroyed

 LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeEffect/DamageTraining Cost
Lightning8 (Town Hall 11)8M Elixir11 Days480 Damage14K Elixir
Lightning9 (Town Hall 12)10M Elixir13 Days560 Damage15K Elixir
Clone614M Elixir15 Days33 Capacity35.5K Elixir
  • Additionally, the Lightning Spell has been reworked to require just 1 Housing Space, deal reliable damage to a small radius, and cause a short duration stun effect that causes its target to reset its attacks.


LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHPRegeneration TimeAbility Level
71292k Dark Elixir8 Days510950038 mins14
72294k Dark Elixir8 Days520970038 mins14
73296k Dark Elixir8 Days530990038 mins14
74298k Dark Elixir8 Days5401010038 mins14
75300k Dark Elixir8 Days5501030040 mins15

Level 15 Ability

Damage IncreaseHealth RecoverySpeed IncreaseSummoned UnitsDuration
9224300323410 sec


LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHPRegeneration TimeAbility Level
71292k Dark Elixir8 Days789323038 mins14
72294k DE8 Days796327038 mins14
73296k DE8 Days802331038 mins14
74298k DE8 Days808335038 mins14
75300k DE8 Days814339040 mins15

Level 15 Ability

Damage IncreaseHealth RecoveryAbility DurationSummoned Units
14305006.4 sec19

Stay tuned until tomorrow when we share the upcoming “Quality of Life” improvements and Game Balance changes!

Clash On! ⚔️


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