PS 5 meme
PS 5 meme

Photos of hilarious PS5 photos made as memes

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The new Sony PlayStation 5 was revealed by futuristic Sony, but many consider it unique. PS5 also became a hot material in memes.

In the images released, Sony offers a vertical design for the PS5. However, the console can also be placed horizontally.

From the appearance, the PS5 appears to be futuristic, unique and different from Sony’s previous console designs. As the name implies, this PS5 digital edition console does not have an optical disc drive so it can only be used to play digital games or those that have been downloaded from the PS Store.

Have a unique appearance from the previous series, PS5 form immediately into the spotlight of netizens. Some netizens were amazed and thought that the shape was weird. Not a few netizens actually upload hilarious memes about this new Sony console.

The following is a snapshot of PlayStation 5 or PS5 hilarious netizen creations summarized from various sources by

The physical appearance of the PS5 is similar to the head belonging to the Dragon Ball character Cell

There is also a fad to edit it like a royal building like in the film The Lord of the Rings

Not only compatible with Cell’s head, this Sony console is also similar to duck lips

This grandfather’s hat turned out to be his inspiration

Similar to cats

PS 5 meme 1
PS 5 meme 1

Dancing Coffin Meme Compilation Is Also Used as a Meme for PS5

Who has things like this at home?

PS5 Flavor Purifier Water

Become a skyscraper

Xbox So Placemat For PS5

This is the New 5G Router

The WIBU Definitely Auto Buy This PS5! PS5 Taste WIBU

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