Microsoft Mixer Streaming Service Closed! Now Mixer Works with Facebook Gaming

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facebook gaming and mixer
facebook gaming and mixer

It seems that only recently the name of the Streaming Mixer service rose to the surface, more precisely when one of Twitch’s biggest streamers – Richard “Ninja” Tyler Blevins moved to Mixer in mid-2019 yesterday. And then followed by other big streamers, which caused the name Mixer to be known by many people even though this service has been around since 2016.

But unfortunately even though Mixer has actually become the second largest streaming service after Twitch, Microsoft seems to think differently because they suddenly announced that they would shut down the operation of the Mixer. And surprisingly, they also announced that in the future they will officially cooperate with Facebook Gaming.

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Big streamers like Ninja and also Shroud who seem to have contracted exclusively with Mixer from the start

Even this sudden announcement is certainly quite surprising, especially for streamers who have grown their viewers through Mixer. And how clear their fate in the future. Unfortunately, big streamers like Ninja and Shroud, who seem to have contracted exclusively with Mixer for a certain time, have not issued any statements.

Elsewhere, Twitch itself immediately reacted to what happened to Mixer and what happened to its streamers. Of course they themselves with open arms to help the streamers provide the platform. Even though Mixer actually encouraged its streamers to continue their streaming via Facebook Gaming. The Mixer Service itself will continue to run until July 22, 2020, and after that it will be redirected to the FB.GG page.

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It is still unclear what is the reason behind the closing of the Mixer by Microsoft

It is still unclear what the reason behind the closing of the Mixer by Microsoft, or how the future collaboration with Facebook Gaming Because the one that makes Mixer superior is the ease of connection with their Xbox account so that streamers can easily synchronize gameplay from their Xbox or PC to the Mixer. And after switching to Facebook, no one knows how the service will turn out.


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