Smart young student e-learning concept Free Photo
Smart young student e-learning concept Free Photo

Myth or Factor Processor Is Everything for a Laptop?

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Do you think that the processor component is really important for a laptop? So let me not hesitate, let us refer to the fact that the admin has summarized the following, ok!

One of the things that you consider in buying and choosing a new laptop is the type and performance of the processor it uses, the gang.

It is also undeniable, if the processor or often also referred to as a CPU (Central Processing Unit) this is the hardware that is the brain for a laptop.

I wonder why the processor can be so important to boost the performance of a laptop device? Here, the admin has summarized some facts that can be taken into consideration.

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Next Collection of Important Facts About the Processor So Everything for Laptops!

Each processor manufacturer must continue to develop product innovations that are tailored to the needs of many people today.

Starting from an affordable price to support AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is increasingly calculated to boost the performance of PCs and laptops, gangs.

With all the sophistication, do not be surprised if the processor becomes everything for a laptop as admin has summarized as follows.

1. Processor Supports Laptop Performance

Front view man troubleshooting a laptop Free Photo
Front view man troubleshooting a laptop Free Photo

As the admin mentioned before, the processor becomes the brain of a laptop device, of course, must ensure that all components connected to it work properly.

This is clearly to prevent various errors that you can encounter, such as corrupt data, lagging performance, and other annoying things.

With the concept of Hybrid Alias 2-in-1

Moreover, most laptops now carry the concept of a hybrid alias 2-in-1 which demands that it keep running smoothly even if you have to switch modes, gangs.

Of course laptop manufacturers do not miss these needs, such as the 10th Generation Intel Core processors that already support the 10nm architecture (Ice Lake).

Smaller Processor Size

With a smaller processor size, of course, laptops can be thinner and lighter without the need to sacrifice performance, which would even be more efficient, gang.

This performance is also increasingly significant, because the 10th Generation Intel Core also presents Intel Optane Memory technology which makes HDD performance as fast as SSDs, you know.

That way, you can more freely create, work, or play games faster without having to wait long.

2. Processor Make Connectivity Fast and Stable

The technician repairing the computer,computer hardware, repairing, upgrade and technology

The current type of work requires you to continue to be connected and of course requires a fast connection at the same time armed with wireless devices.

For example, when you are doing work at a cafe, of course you need a fast WiFi network to get the job done quickly, gang.

Get Wi-Fi 6 Support (Gig +)

So to support its performance too, the 10th Generation Intel Core has received Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) support which is three times faster than the previous generation (802.11ac).

This certainly will support file download speeds up to more responsive performance, for example when making video calls with HD quality through a laptop.

Thunderbolt Technology 3

In addition, for data transfer between devices you will also get Thunderbolt 3 technology which has a bandwidth eight times greater than USB 3.0 in general.

This processor also supports connectivity via a multifunctional USB-C port, for example for data transfers, screen connections, even for charging which makes laptops thinner and more compact.

3. Processor Makes Fun and More Fun Entertainment Experience

Freelance business women casual wear using laptop working call video conference with customer in workplace in living room at home. happy young asian girl relax sitting on desk do job in internet. Free Photo
Freelance business women casual wear using laptop working call video conference with customer in workplace in living room at home. Happy young Asian girl relax sitting on desk do job in internet.

Not just for work, a laptop is now also commonly used as a means of entertainment for example to access various multimedia content in cyberspace.

Especially with its thin size and even supports 2-in-1 mode, you will be even more absorbed when watching various movies and series on platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and so on.

Supported Integrated Graphics Cards and Intel Iris Plus

As with the 10th Generation Intel Core which has been supported by an integrated graphics card, Intel Iris Plus which has a stunning performance for this purpose, gang.

For example, support 4K HDR video and games at 1080p FullHD resolution that is more immersive and you may have never felt before.

You will also get Dolby Atmos support that makes sense to produce 3D surround sound through USB audio or headphones.

4. Processor Supports Content Creator Work

Smart young student e-learning concept Free Photo

Smart young student e-learning concept Free Photo

Another for content creators who need laptops capable performance for processing and editing photos and videos through laptop devices.

Supported Artifical Intelligence

Thanks to the support of the 10th Generation Intel Core processors that already support AI (Artificial Intelligence), content creators can now do practical things even in a matter of seconds.

For example to remove the background from a photo, you don’t need to make a manual selection again. But use the Remove Background feature in Adobe Photoshop to delete backgrounds automatically, gang.

Recognize Moving Objects And Focus Them Even When Moving Between Frames.

While for YouTubers, there is also an Auto Reframe feature in Adobe Premiere Pro that is able to recognize moving objects and focus them even when moving between frames.

AI support you can also find for other needs, for example to reduce noise (noise) to make background blur when making video calls.

5. Processors Make Playing More Fun

Boys gaming Free Photo

Boys gaming Free Photo

Gamers will certainly consider a laptop with the best processor, to support an increasingly enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. Especially if the processor has the ability to even rival the performance of the best desktop gaming equipment, you know.

Supports Speed ​​Acceleration Up to 5.3 GHz

For example there with the 10th Generation Intel Core that supports acceleration speeds up to 5.3 GHz which supports high performance when playing AAA games.

And thanks to VESA’s Adaptive Sync support from Intel Iris Plus, you can enjoy a smoother playing experience at 1080p FullHD resolution, like in Dirt Rally 2.0 or Fortnite games.

Suitable for you who need high FPS playing performance, especially when playing competitive games.

Released in the fourth quarter of 2019, the 10th Generation Intel Core is now widely used by various well-known laptop brands.

Call it Lenovo through the Lenovo S145 i5-1035G4 series and Lenovo S145 i5-1035G1, then there is the HP through the 14-dq1013TU HP Notebook to the HP Specter X360 which carries the hybrid concept.

There are also other brands, such as ASUS via ASUS ZenBook 13, Zenbook 14, and ZenBook 15, then Dell Inspiron 13 5000 and Acer Aspire 5, you know.

Well, are you interested in trying out the experience with a laptop with this 10th Generation Intel Core? How lucky! The problem is now you can get a variety of attractive promos.

You just have to visit the Intel Official Store in various of your favorite e-commerce sites, such as, Blibli, and Tokopedia to get various benefits. Don’t go too far!


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