Until Now BM Cellphones Can Get a Signal, How come?

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Begini Nasib Ponsel BM Sebelum Aturan IMEI Berlaku
Begini Nasib Ponsel BM Sebelum Aturan IMEI Berlaku

Mobile industry players complained that black market (BM) cellphones are still circulating and can still receive signals from Indonesian operators.

This is certainly contrary to the government’s move to suppress the spread of BM cell phones in Indonesia. According to the Ministry of Industry, this happens because the tools used today do not work optimally.

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BM Cell Phones Used Before April 18 Are Unblocked

According to Achmad Rodjih, Director of the Electronics and Telematics Industry of the Directorate General of ILMATE of the Ministry of Industry, the intended device is the IMEI number validation machine, or rather the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR).

Building Joint Commitments to Apply IMEI Validation Rules

In the IMEI Validation and Education Validation Webinar event entitled “Building a Joint Commitment to Implement IMEI Validation Rules”, Achmad said that the CEIR Machine would only be received by the Ministry of Industry on August 24, 2020, although he hoped the tool could come sooner than expected.

Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

This CEIR will actually become a reference for cellular operators to block phones whose IMEI numbers are not registered, aka BM cellphones. So cellphones whose IMEI numbers are not on the machine will automatically be unable to connect to cellular networks from operators in Indonesia.

CEIR cloud version

During this time, the Ministry of Industry is still using the cloud version of CEIR to record BM cell phones on the market. Both the hardware and cloud versions of CEIR are said to have the exact same function and can be used to block IMEI.

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Attention! Block IMEI Illegal mobile phone tested today

Attention! Block IMEI Illegal mobile phone tested today

“Between CEIR Cloud and CEIR hardware has the exact same function and can also block IMEI, if the product or cellphone is not included in the category of Black Market or BM that is not registered in the Product TPP, Import TPP and operator data,”

said Nur Akbar Said, Head of the Sub Directorate of Service Quality and Harmonization of Post and Information Technology Standards at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in the same event.

Blocking BM Cellphones Has Been Established On April 18th

Previously reported, the regulation of BM cell phone blocking has actually been set on April 18 last. But so far there are still many BM cellphones that can still get signals from cellular operators in Indonesia

Source: detik.com

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