After 84 Years of Work, Olympus Say Goodbye

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Those of you who are involved in photography and videography must be familiar with this Japanese brand, right?

Who Doesn’t Know the Olympus Brand Camera?

Olympus has been in the camera industry for a long time, 84 years to be exact. But unfortunately from now on you will never again find the latest products from Olympus, because at this time Olympus’s trip in the camera industry has failed.

olympus goodbye
olympus goodbye

After 84 years decorating the camera industry with its well-known products, Olympus decided to quit the camera business by signing a memorandum of understanding on the camera division on September 30, 2020 and selling it to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), a company that had also acquired a business Sony VAIO PC in 2014.

Matt Suess Photography
Matt Suess Photography

Out of the camera industry does not indicate that the product it produces is bad, because Olympus is one of the well-known camera brands.

The first camera released by Olympus is

  • Semi-Olympus I with the first Zuiko lens in 1939. Camera products are also increasingly known from year to year,
  • especially in 1959 when Olympus released a popular camera.
olympus goodbye all
olympus goodbye all

But it turns out that the popularity of Olympus does not last forever, despite having been a camera brand that is quite well known, in recent years Olympus has experienced a crisis because of the cameras on smartphones that are very sophisticated.

Had Implemented Various Steps

Although Olympus has implemented various measures to overcome the camera market which plummeted due to the presence of a sophisticated smartphone camera, in fact these efforts did not produce results.

The sophistication of this smartphone camera is what makes many people no longer need to buy a professional camera that makes the Olympus market plummet.

That is the reason Olympus is no longer in the camera industry. have you ever used this camera or not? What type of Olympus do you have?

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