Download the Most Effective Cheat Among Us !!!

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Who is crazy about the game Among Us? Yep, this game known as a friendship breaker is being played by gamers in Indonesia. As a popular game, of course the Among Us cheats have started to emerge.

One of the cheats that appears is to find out the position of the Impostor or Radar Impostor.

Bacaan Lainnya

Impostors are two people in the team who become traitors who secretly kill their friends.

These Impostors did various dramas accusing Crewmates of killing team members. So, you could say Impostor is a very terrible figure.

So, to find out the position of an Impostor, the Among Us Radar Impostor cheat has appeared.

You can get this cheat by downloading the Mod on the website and entering it in the game file and being able to find out the position of an Impostor.

You can use the Among Us Mod 2020.9.9 cheat on Android and iOS, as reported by the Roonby page.

Here’s how to enter this Mod on your cellphone:

  1. Download the Among Us Mod Apk 2020.9.9 Radar Impostor file on your cellphone here>> download among us cheat
  2. Install the Mod Apk by checking the unknow source option in the Settings menu
  3. Then, start playing Among Us and when you become a Crewmate you open Radar Impostor
  4. After opening the Impostor Radar, you will know the position of an Impostor

But, what you need to remember is that using cheats in the game is cheating. Besides that, you also have to be prepared for all the consequences, such as being banned by the game maker.

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