Securely Enable Your Work-from-Anywhere Workforce
Securely Enable Your Work-from-Anywhere Workforce

Securely Enable Your Work-from-Anywhere Workforce

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Digital transformation and work-from-anywhere demands are fueling an explosion of cloud usage in the enterprise, with more enterprises adopting a hybrid cloud strategy than ever. While the web represents a significant portion of corporate traffic, 53% of all remote workforce threats are actually from non-web applications.*

As a result, legacy web proxy-based security offerings only partially address enterprise needs, leaving organizations vulnerable to security threats and unable to effectively secure their remote workforces.

With Prisma® Access 2.0, we’re taking a fundamentally different approach, providing the industry’s only complete cloud-delivered security platform. Join our virtual launch event with guest Adam Zoller, chief information security officer at Providence, to learn about the latest capabilities to enable a secure work-from-anywhere experience, including:

  • A new cloud-delivered management experience
  • ML-powered security, cloud SWG and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)
  • CloudBlades capabilities that enable remote browser isolation support via partnerships
  • Industry-leading scale and performance enhancements

* According to a 2021 analysis by Palo Alto Networks of more than 500 enterprise customers.


  1. Complete best-in-class security with greater coverage than any other solution, receiving more than 4.3 million unique security updates per day – 24.5x more than our nearest competitor
  2. High-performance access with optimized user experience, supporting 10x more total encrypted tunnel throughput than the nearest competitor
  3. Access to all apps and protection against all threat vectors, reducing the risk of data breach by 45%, according to a commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI™ study


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