Supporting BCVRE Study Guide Chapter 8 Upgrades

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Supporting BCVRE Study Guide Chapter 8 Upgrades
Supporting BCVRE Study Guide Chapter 8 Upgrades

Objectives: As a Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer, you must be able to demonstrate the ability to install, configure and troubleshoot features of Brocade Vyatta Network OS.

Target: This course is for anyone tasked with configuring or managing the Brocade Vyatta vRouter. This course also for those who are preparing to take the BCVRE Certification Exam.

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Course prerequisites: Before taking these bundled courses, students should have basic IT networking experience, including working knowledge of TCP/IP.

BCvRE Bootcamp


  • Entitlements
  • Upgrading the vRouter


To register your vRouter software, you need to configure your entitlement credentials on your device.

  • These credentials were provided to you when you purchased your software.
  • You need to configure three parameters on your device:
    • Repository username
    • Repository password
    • Entitlement key

You can verify that your device has been registered with the Vyatta entitlement server with the command show entitlement.

Upgrading the vRouter

To upgrade your vRouter, enter the command upgrade system image.

  • This command automatically downloads the latest software image to your vRouter, and modifies the configuration file to associate it with the new software version.
  • In order to check the vRouter repository, your device must have an active connection to the Internet and the vRouter must be able to perform name resolution (DNS).

You also need your repository username and password. You can manually enter this during the upgrade process, or you can preconfigure your credentials as part of the system configuration.


Upgrading a virtual machine is a bit more complex.

A vRouter virtual machine template has two major components:

  • The vRouter software itself
  • The underlying Linux drivers, system, hypervisor-specific optimization
  • And so on

When Brocade releases a vRouter update, you may or may not need to update the underlying system template, depending on Linux updates, driver updates, and so on.

A manual upgrade is similar to creating a new VM.

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