Watch Iba Karachi Dance Party Viral Video Organized for H0mos3xuals Students

Watch Iba Karachi Dance Party Viral Video Organized for H*m*s*xuals Students

Posted on – Video of a dance party being held at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) by a student, identified as H*m*s*xual, has spread like wildfire on social media, leading to condemnation by alumni and the administration.

Videos circulating on popular social media platforms show scantily clad students dancing on the main campus of IBA Karachi at Karachi University. The party, which has been described as a H*m*s*xuality event, has led to a strong rebuke by IBA faculty and has angered faculty and the student population, who call it indecent and against social norms.

Watch Iba Karachi Dance Party Viral Video Organized for H*m*s*xuals Students

Staff and alumni responding to the video have sent a number of emails, copies of which are available on the Express Tribune, to the IBA administration – condemning the party and stating that they want firm action taken on this matter. An email stated: “The recent actions of students violate not only cultural and religious values, they violate our national laws. Even Western universities do not allow the use of alcohol and drugs on university buses or in classrooms.”

It should be noted that the party continued even though there was IBA campus security. However, the government is silent on things that raise many questions from the faculty, such as whether the current management of IBA under the leadership of Dr Akbar Zaidi agrees with the values ​​promoted by the party so that it is allowed to be held on campus.


Watch Iba Karachi Dance Party Viral Video Organized for H*m*s*xuals Students

Similarly, a viral social media post by an IBA alumni targeting the university’s Director and Registrar stated: “Oscenity in IBA must be eliminated. IBA should be treated professionally like an educational institution and students should be prevented from spreading this obscenity. Minorities should not be allowed to influence the majority This kind of s*xually deviant behavior is unacceptable at IBA.”

The Express Tribune also recognizes that recently many of IBA’s faculty have raised concerns about the rapidly changing environment on campus, non-compliance with university dress codes, and frequent indecent behavior via email. However, the government turned a blind eye to all these complaints. An email sent to the administration by the concerned faculty member read: “We have serious concerns about the issue of public displays of affection (PDA) at IBA. There is a big difference between IBA then and now in terms of student ethics and behavior is very confusing. Alumni and industry are experiencing this negative change. All of this destroys IBA’s identity and IBA must pay the price for this silence.”


Watch Iba Karachi Dance Party Viral Video Organized for H*m*s*xuals Students

One of the faculty members who wrote a hot email to the administration, while speaking to the Express Tribune on condition of anonymity, said such indecent acts were against IBA’s core values. “We are emailing the government in the hope that they will take immediate action on such a sensitive matter. In response, they said that a committee had been formed to investigate the matter. However, we haven’t seen anything practical happen. This is not Europe where we can treat IBA as a nightclub,” the angry faculty member said.

Though, the spokesperson for the university, Ayesha Javed, told the Express Tribune that management has taken note of the matter and the highlighted case is with the Student Behavior Committee for its consideration and action.


IBA University Karachi Viral Video – Viral Dance Party 28 March 2022 – FULL VIDEO

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