Watch Pinky Amador Viral Scandal Video Leaked on Social Media

Watch Pinky Amador Viral Scandal Video Leaked on Social Media

Posted on – The actress recounted what sparked her ang3r towards the c0ndo staff, which was shown in a viral video.

“There is no excuse for this behavior,” wrote actress Pinky Amador after a video of her sw3ar1ng at building staff went viral on social media last Saturday, June 5.

In the six-minute video clip, Pinky can be seen sh0uting at several staff members in an office which was uploaded online by netizens Melchor Fajarda and Paolo Amador.

In a now-deleted post, they say the alt3rcation occurred at around three o’clock in the afternoon at a c0ndo hotel in Makati on May 22, 2020.

A few days later, the famous actress finally issued a statement on social media saying that although her actions were unwarranted, it was all for a good reason.


She told the public, through her management ALV Talents Inc, “Please understand, however, that my em0tions are the product of countless minutes of worrying about my safety and that of my neighbors, following up with the building administration and talking to my very em0tional neighbors and friends.”

Watch Pinky Amador Viral Scandal Video Leaked on Social Media

Based on the post, Pinky confirmed that the c0ndotel management started accepting 59 Filipino OFWs without notifying the residents that the hotel would be designated as a quarantine facility.

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“Residents were not informed of the designation, not this influx of returning Filipinos, and that is a cause for concern not only for me but for all residents.”

She added, “On May 04, 2020, the government did not send any notification of the incident, issued a safety protocol regarding COVID-19, and delayed the dissemination of the information to residents thereby risking the safety of everyone in the building.”

Pinky says she started worrying about her safety in her own house and some of her neighbors are equally upset with her.

“That’s what sparked my ang3r when the video was taken, as several tenants called me, cry1ng, in fear for their health, and their family members.

“We just want them to be transparent with us about what’s going on in the building, and to let us know about any systems they have in place. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to communicate this. It was really frustrating.”

As for the video that was leaked online, the actress described the act as “ev1l, v3ng3ful, and a vi0lati0n of the anti-w1re tapping act.”


“Since I started living in this building, I have made friends with my neighbors who have incorporated me into the community of this building… What the government does not understand is that their actions have an impact not only on their health, but that of the residents’ too.

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Being responsible means being responsible for everyone, not only yourself, but also others.

“I’m not perfect, far from it. Under these stressful times, when pushed to the limit, how far will you go to protect your loved ones? For those I hvrt, I apologize profusely, but I only f1ght for our right to live safe from dis3ase,” she concluded.

Read Her Full Statement Below


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