How to Make a House Out of Cardboard For Kids
How to Make a House Out of Cardboard For Kids

How to Make a House Out of Cardboard For Kids

Posted on – How to Make a House out of Cardboard – Spending free time with children is one of the most enjoyable things. Moreover, if the togetherness is equipped with something that can hone the creativity of children, of course it will be one of the more fun togetherness.

As we all know, nowadays children prefer to play with their cellphones rather than doing things related to studying at home. This is certainly not very good, because it will affect the development of children’s thinking and will be very difficult to get rid of if they are addicted.

As parents, we certainly don’t want our children to depend on cellphones, moreover the impact that will occur in the future is not very good. Therefore, we must be able to invite children to do something different, such as playing together and making creative things so that they are not used to playing with cellphones.

There are so many creative things that we can do with our children when we are at home. We can also make a creation made from used materials that are around the house and use it as a medium to create a masterpiece. For example, making houses from used cardboard that is no longer used.

If you have a used cardboard that is not used, I strongly advise you not to throw it away first. Because, we can use the cardboard as the main material to make various kinds of useful creative ideas, such as making simple miniature houses or houses from cardboard.

How to Make a House Out of Cardboard

There are lots of cardboard house patterns that we can make so that the baby becomes more interested. For example, making cat houses out of cardboard, houses for dolls, and so on. So in essence, this creative idea is highly recommended so that the child gets used to it and doesn’t often play with cellphones.

For how to make a house from cardboard that is easy and good, of course it requires a process and workmanship that is quite difficult. However, these difficulties will be a challenge in itself to build a creative idea. In addition, it will also be one of the things that can hone children’s intelligence.
Well, for those of you who can’t wait to make houses out of cardboard? please follow the tutorial on how to make a house from used cardboard that I have provided below.

Materials and tools for making a cardboard house:

  • Used cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Painting brush
  • Acrylic paint (free color)
  • Cutter
  • Glue

Prepare all the materials and equipment above without missing a single one. If so, please follow the steps for making it below:

How to make a simple cardboard house

  1. Make a cardboard house pattern: First, make a house pattern with the desired shape, then print it so that the work process becomes easier and simpler.
  2. Cut the cardboard: Take the cardboard that has been prepared earlier, then cut it according to the pattern that has been made. To make it easier, please stick the pattern on the cardboard and glue it using glue.
  3. Arrange the house pattern: At this stage, please arrange the house according to the grooves in the pattern. If you have, take the glue and paste one by one the parts that need to be glued together.
  4. Coloring the house: If the houses are already formed, please color the house to make it look more attractive. For color choices, please adjust the color you want.
  5. Decorate the roof tiles: To make the cardboard house look better, please decorate the roof tiles or make it look like a real house. That way, the houses will look more attractive and like real homes.

How to Make a House Out of Cardboard For Kids

Making a cardboard house with a suitable shape for children is also very easy, friend? For how, please refer to the following steps:

  1. First, prepare all the necessary materials, such as cardboard, glue, brush cutter and so on. In addition, also prepare a pencil to make patterns or sketches.
  2. Next, make a sketch of the house that will be made using a pencil. Make sure you make a cute house shape so that the baby will like it.
  3. Arrange each part that needs to be assembled, then glue it using glue. Remember, make sure all the parts are well organized.
  4. If the houses have been formed, make some windows and other parts like in a real house. The trick, please make and print the pattern first using a computer.
  5. Add the necessary parts to the houses that have been made earlier. For example, adding decorations, chairs, beds and so on.
  6. If you have, the next step you have to do is make the roof of the house. The trick, my friend only needs to cut color paper or cardboard and then cut it according to the pattern of the roof of the house that has been made.
  7. So that the houses look like the original, please make the front floor with a slightly wider floor size.
  8. If everything is in order, the last step you have to do is add a few touches to make the houses more attractive. For example, such as coloring the house, adding accessories, and so on.

How to Make an Easy Cardboard House

How to Make an Easy Cardboard House

For friends, do you want to make houses out of cardboard that are easier? my friend can make a simple small house shape. The steps and how to make it as follows:

  1. Prepare the cardboard that is still intact or has not been folded, then cover the open top and bottom using masking tape. Make sure you use a wide sided tape.
  2. Make two door shapes by cutting the left or right side of the cardboard. If so, make a hole of the appropriate size so that the door can be opened and closed.
  3. Finally, please decorate the houses from the cardboard with paint. Make pictures of whatever you want, such as animals, toy cars and so on.

The final word

How, easy isn’t it? So those were the steps that I can convey about how to make a house out of cardboard.

That’s the information about How to Make a House Out of Cardboard For Kids from InfoSolution.Biz admin. Hopefully the information above is easy for you to understand and becomes useful new knowledge. Thank you for visiting this blog, and good luck.

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