How to Make Flowers from Origami Paper, Easy and Simple
How to Make Flowers from Origami Paper, Easy and Simple

How to Make Flowers from Origami Paper, Easy and Simple

Posted on – How to make flowers from origami paper has now become one of the activities that many people like. Besides aiming to make home decorations, it can also be done as a way to fill spare time. There are several materials that can be used as the main media, namely cardboard, plain paper, and so on, including origami paper.

As we all know, adding various kinds of decorations to the house is quite common and is one of the efforts to make the room of the house seem more beautiful and provide a comfortable atmosphere. Especially if the decorations are made by ourselves, of course there will be a sense of satisfaction that we will certainly feel.

Currently, there are a lot of flower-shaped home decorations that are sold in the market with quite varied prices. Some of them are even made with very unique shapes so they will be very suitable as home decorations. In addition, there are also various kinds of other decorations made with different shapes and types.

As the main material for making flowers from paper, I highly recommend friends to use origami paper. Because, the paper is easy to fold and we can easily adjust it to the desired fold. In addition, origami paper is also available at various nearby stores or trusted online shops in Indonesia.

There are several recommendations for flower shapes that you can make for home decoration. For the manufacture itself, of course made with different processes and steps. In addition, my friend also has to prepare some other additional tools such as glue and scissors to help make the manufacturing process easier.

How to Make Flowers from Origami Paper

Here’s how to make flowers from origami paper with easy steps and doesn’t take long:

Origami Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers that have quite a shape and are distinctive. For that, here’s how to make roses from origami paper.

  1. Prepare origami paper with a size of 20cm x 20cm, make sure the color is different on each side.
  2. Next, draw a line on the paper with a total of 16 squares. Then, make a mark on the four squares in the middle.
  3. The next stage, fold the origami paper following the lines that have been marked earlier.
  4. If you have, unfold it and then take it from the right corner, then fold it diagonally.
  5. At this stage, the fold will meet the top fold. So, please repeat the process on all sides.
  6. Next, please make another fold on each diagonal in the four corners.
  7. If you have, you will see small lines that can help you make the shape of the petals.

Origami Lavender Flowers

The shape of the lavender flower is also one of the forms of flowers that is very suitable if made as a home decoration. For how to make it not too difficult, please refer to the following steps.

  1. Prepare origami paper with a size of 9 x 30 cm and 7 x 8 cm with a green color, and a size of 8 x 30 cm purple.
  2. Next, make the stem first by rolling green paper, then glue the ends of the roll with glue. Make sure the ends of the stalks look neat.
  3. Fold the purple paper horizontally, then proceed by cutting the folded part with a tassel.
  4. If you have, unfold the paper and then fold it back horizontally on the opposite side. Glue using glue.
  5. Roll the purple paper with a stalk, then glue it with glue. If you have, please cover the bottom roll with green paper that has been cut in a zigzag shape. Done.

Origami Tulips

In addition to roses and lavender, you can also make flowers from paper in the shape of a tulip. For the steps to make it, please refer to the following.

  1. Prepare origami paper with the same length and width.
  2. Next, fold the paper crosswise on each side. If you have, open the fold and then turn the fold to the opposite.
  3. The next step, please fold it to form an isosceles triangle, and continue by making another fold until it forms a diamond.
  4. Make a hole in the top and blow so that it can bubble like a tulip.
  5. Finally, please add the stem and insert it into the existing hole. Done.

Origami Sunflower

Who doesn’t know sunflowers? Yes, it turns out that this flower shape can also be made from origami paper! Well, here’s how to make sunflowers from origami paper.

  1. First, prepare one sheet of origami paper, then divide it into four parts. For the color, please adjust it yourself, friend!
  2. Also prepare small origami paper and cut it into two parts in a triangular shape.
  3. Next, fold one side of the triangular paper towards the center. Once done, turn and fold the other side in the same direction.
  4. The next step, fold the pointed end in an upward direction, and continue by folding the tip out until it forms 8 pieces.
  5. If you have, make a circle with a medium size on the top of the paper, then cut it out.
  6. Finally, please glue the origami paper that has been shaped with glue, then stick the straw on the back. Done.

The final word

How, easy isn’t it? So those were some steps on how to make flowers from origami paper from admin. Hopefully the explanation above is easy for you to understand and becomes useful new knowledge. Thank you for visiting this blog, and good luck.

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