How to Make Google Voice, Can Use Phones and Computers!

How to Make Google Voice, Can Use Phones and Computers!
How to Make Google Voice, Can Use Phones and Computers! – Want to make a sound from Google but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, because on this occasion I will give you some information about how to make Google voice easily and quickly without using an application. For that, let’s go straight to the discussion.

As we all know, Google’s voice is one of the voices or what can be called backsound which is currently viral among many people. The voice is often used by content creators on various social media such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

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For friends who are active or like to surf on social media, I’m sure you often see videos with female voices whose voices are quite different? yes, it is the voice generated by Google tools, which is often used by content creators to explain concepts or tell something about video content.

Lots of users have used this Google voice on videos uploaded to their social media accounts. Most of them use the voice as an explanation, or just tell a certain information related to the video content that is made.

Therefore, the voice went viral and became one of the sounds we often hear in a video. What’s more, Google Indonesia’s voice steps are also quite easy so that many users use the voice to complete the content they want to upload.

How to Make a Google Voice

How to make a Google voice is fairly easy and can be made by way of a cellphone or PC. For the manufacturing process itself does not require a long time if we only make the sound with a short duration. In addition, we can also make it for free without having to pay a penny.

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There are several ways that we can use as a medium to make Google voices easily, either through an application or without an application. To find out more details, please refer to the steps that I have provided below:

How to Make Google Voice on WhatsApp

We can now use Google’s voice using the WhatsApp application or what we usually call WA. Usually, users who use Google Indonesia’s voice are used as notifications or tones in chats or calls on WA. In addition, the manufacture is also quite easy and we can adjust the words according to what we want.

  • As for how to make Google voice on wa is as follows:
  • First, please open the browser via HP or PC, then visit the website
  • On the start page, please select the text section. then enter the word or sentence you want to make.
  • If so, please change it to Indonesian by selecting the voice section.
  • Next, click the sumbit section on the website.
  • Finally, please scroll down and press download to save the sound that has been made.

Using ringtones with Google Indonesia voice is one of the most interesting things to try. InfoSolution friends need to know that there is something unique about using a sound like this, which is that it has a different sound from the others.

How to Make Google Translate Voice

Google translate is a feature of Google that functions as a translator from one language to another. The translation results that have been translated through this feature are in the form of text with complete and accurate sentences. In addition, the results of the translation can also be converted into voice or voice format.

Google Voice via Google Translate we can later download and save directly on the existing storage in the gadget. However, this method can only be done via a PC or computer, considering that the feature to download the sound is not available on Android phones.

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  • Here are the steps how to make Google voice via Google translate:
  • Open the browser via your PC or computer, then enter the word Google Translate in the search field.
  • Next, enter the word that you want to make a sound or voice. Make sure, the results of the translation into Indonesian.
  • If so, please right-click on the Google Translate section, then select Inspect and continue by selecting Network.
  • How to file with the words Translate TTS, then double click on the file. Then, my friend will be taken to the audio menu.
  • Right-click, then Save As to save it.
  • Done

InfoSolution.Biz friends need to know everything, besides using Indonesian, you can also use other languages ​​if you want to use it, considering that Google Translate already supports all languages. In addition, you can also make several sentences with a fairly long number of words.

How to Make Google Voice Without Application

How to make a Google voice that I recommend can then be made through the website without having to use an application. In addition, my friend can also make it via HP and PC or other gadgets that can be connected to the internet. For how to make it, please refer to the following steps:

  • First, please open the browser via HP or PC.
  • Visit the website in the search field in the browser.
  • If you have entered, please enter any words or sentences that you want to make.
  • At the bottom of the text, change the language to Indonesian (Indonesian Female for female voices, and Indonesian Male for male voices).
  • Next, click the play button and download to save the sound.

Just like Google Translate, in addition to using voice in Indonesian, you can also use quite a lot of other languages. In addition, the sound choices are also quite varied, and InfoSolution friends can choose according to their wishes.

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How to Make a Google Voice in CapCut

CapCut is an application that has a lot of interesting features to use. One of the most popular and frequently used features today is adding Google sound effects. With this, we can make videos edited through CapCut more attractive and give a different impression to a video.

For how to make a Google voice in CapCut itself, it is very easy and simple. But if you don’t know how, please refer to the following steps:

  • Open the CapCut application: First, please open the CapCut application, and make sure it has been updated to the latest version.
  • Import video to the CapCut application: Add the video that you want to edit into the CapCut application. To do this, select New Project, then find the video in the Gallery, then click Add.
  • Add audio: At this stage, please mute the Audio Clip first, then select the Audio tool option found in the bottom menu. If you have, select Voiceover and continue by pressing the Recording icon to record voice. Press the check button when finished recording.
  • Add Audio effects: At the bottom, please tap the sound object, then select the available sound effects. Next, find the High effect and click the tick icon to add the effect. If so, make sure the voice is appropriate and similar to Google’s voice.
  • Export video: If everything is in order, the last step you need to do is save the video. The trick, please select the Upload icon at the top, then wait for the storage process to complete.

The final word

How, easy isn’t it? So that was the information that InfoSolution.Biz admin could convey about several ways to make Google voices. Hopefully the explanation above is easy for you to understand and becomes one of the useful new knowledge. Thank you for visiting this blog, and good luck.

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