Birmingham Primark Girl Video Fight Poo Twitter

Birmingham Primark Girl Video Fight Poo Twitter – A video of a fight between a white woman and a black woman at Primark Mall in Birmingham has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites. That’s a viral video from the Birmingham Primark Mall where a black and white girl start fighting after a fight.

However, a white girl defecated in her dress while fighting a black woman and it was seen in the video. Well, the Primark Combat video is now viral on Heluvara’s Twitter.

Primark Fight Videos On Twitter And Reddit

Primark Fight Videos On Twitter And Reddit

Currently making the news is the Fight between two women taking place at Primark Birmingham. On the internet, everyone is talking about it. Videos of two women fighting can be found on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. The first woman is Caucasian, while the second is African-Caribbean.

On Saturday, a fight broke out between two women at Primark in Birmingham. The fight was caught on camera and trended on social media.

One user on Twitter stated, “Strange to see such a struggle at such a favored fast fashion retailer.”

While another tweeted, “Should have stayed in the fight at Primark in Birmingham.”


The viral video appears to show that the altercation took place inside a Birmingham Primark mall store as there were clothes everywhere. The white woman is shown being possessed by the black woman when the black woman tries to punch her in the face, causing the white woman to fall to the ground. As the camera moved closer, one could see the white woman’s excrement splattered on the ground.

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The white woman is exposed during the video because her skirt suddenly rises, exposing her private area. The lack of white women’s panties has allowed others to clearly see her poo all over her body and in prominent places.

P1ssing Caught

P1ssing Caught

People claim that the white woman was caught on camera ur1nating while wearing her robe. Therefore, the Primark Battle video is currently trending on Heluvara’s Twitter. According to sources, the Caucasian woman was only wearing her dress in the video.

On the internet, some people claim that this is the first time that a video of someone vi0lating their privacy is available to the public.

However, neither of the two women in the popular video are well recognizable. On camera, one can hear opinions about the circumstances leading up to a white woman ur1nating herself.

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The woman hasn’t mentioned anything, to my knowledge. On social media, a number of people simultaneously uploaded videos of what happened to him at Primark.

The real reason for the fight is still unknown.

The videos are spread across the internet with titles such as Main Fight, Primary Fight and Fight at Birmingham Primary videos.

P1ssing Caught


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