Chapter 3849 : Charlie Wade's Heart Hero Charm Novel

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Hero of Hearts Charlie Wade Charm Novel Chapter 3849

Charlie’s words made Jasmine’s heart jump.

He has always wanted to make the business of collecting and auction trading bigger and stronger. , but he hasn’t found a suitable breakthrough point yet.

It is precisely because of this business that he attaches great importance to this business, so after seeing Charlie with his own eyes. That Charlie would use the lost cultural heritage restoration technology to restore his own antiques, she fell in love with Charlie directly.

He originally hoped that Charlie could be recruited to Jiqingtang to work for the Moore Family, but how could he expect that Charlie. Who is just a stubborn son-in-law, turned out to be the young master of the eastcliff Wade Family’s true identity. ? The power itself is very strong.

Therefore, Jasmine’s original desire to revitalize Jiqingtang through Charlie has long since disappeared.

Since then, Ji Qingtang has not found a better development opportunity.

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Although the collectibles industry seems to be too far away from ordinary people and rarely hears such a big move. This industry is an industry of profiteering in and out with a large market size.

The turnover of a large auction house in one auction can reach tens to tens of billions. If there is a very explosive amount, the turnover may be higher.

Sometimes, just auctioning a painting can bring a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars to the auction house. The profit of the auction is also very large, and the profit method is widely divided into own operation or commission.

Businessmen do nothing but buy low and sell high, mainly based on the traditional antique market break-in model;

Commission is the most important revenue channel for auctions.

Hero of Hearts Charlie Wade Charm Chapter 3849

Generally, auction companies charge commissions ranging from 5% to 15% for lots. The more famous the auction company, the higher the commission ratio.

Under normal circumstances, if a famous painting sells for 100 million U.S. dollars, the auction will be able to get 15 million U.S. dollars just for a commission.

Converted to renminbi, nearly 100 million yuan.

Therefore, the larger the auction house, the more money-making ability will increase exponentially.

The auction will sell for tens of billions of dollars, and the brokerage commission alone will earn more than one billion in cash.

Such auctions are held twice a year, and a net profit of billions of dollars will be made.

Moreover, once the auction becomes bigger and stronger, the profit it gets is far more than just sweeping, but the overall improvement of the entire industrial chain.

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Generally speaking, large auction houses will also have many collection stores. Because the auction house is well-known, the traffic of these shops is also very large.

Such a collection store will not only conduct business and sales of ordinary collectibles, but will also provide fee-based identification and in-store consignment services for individual sellers and collectors.

Many collectibles that are not eligible for auction but have a certain value are mostly sold privately in these stores.

Because the store is open all year round, the turnover collected in a year is also very large, and the commission profit in it is no less than that of auctions.

Hero of Hearts Charlie Wade Chapter 3849

However, this strong ability to withdraw money is limited to the top companies in the industry. In Jiqingtang Jasmine, the net profit of the whole year is not even one or two billion.

The reason why Ji Qingtang couldn’t do it was not because Jasmine didn’t work hard enough, but because Ji Qingtang couldn’t get good things in the true sense.

Without good enough things, there is no capital to compare with the top auction houses.

When the top auction house auctioned van Gogh, Picasso, Paul Gauguin, or even Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and other world-class master paintings, Ji Qingtang couldn’t even get a painting that sold for more than 10 million yuan.

The reason for this is that it is not well-known, and it is impossible for those big collectors to sell things to Ji Qingtang in their name.

Charlie Wade’s Heart Charm Novel Chapter 3849 Is Complete.

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