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mobile legends bang bang banned

India bans TikTok applications and dozens of other Chinese applications. One of them is Mobile Legends

pic.twitter.com/0DZQ3Ucqcl— TikTok India (@TikTok_IN) June 30, 2020 However, the release of Magic Rush: Heroes was also colored by controversy after the emergence of a lawsuit from Riot Games and its…

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Now Mac will be equipped with Apple-made processor

Worldwide Developer Conference One interesting thing about the Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 is that Apple announced that they would no longer use Intel processors for Mac products. Apple will use…

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Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite for Mobile is coming soon! Tencent Games Support

Already get the most surprising portion of news for you to read today? Who would have thought that the news would come from one of the biggest franchises in the…

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Metal Slug Code J

Metal Slug Code: J for Mobile Released Soon! Tencent Games Support

  Kembalinya SNK ke industri permainan juga hadir dengan “memenangkan” beberapa franchise ikonik yang telah ditakutkan, tidak akan lagi menemukan seri baru di masa depan. Tencent to mix the Metal…

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Asus Zenfone 7

Asus Zenfone 7 leaked specifications on Geekbench

The news a month ago mentioned Asus Zenfone 7 will be launched around July 2020, along with ROG Phone 3. This news was revealed through a new report from the…

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Begini Nasib Ponsel BM Sebelum Aturan IMEI Berlaku

Until Now BM Cellphones Can Get a Signal, How come?

Mobile industry players complained that black market (BM) cellphones are still circulating and can still receive signals from Indonesian operators. This is certainly contrary to the government’s move to suppress…

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In addition to introducing iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur, Apple also introduced the iPadOS 14

At the Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 event, in addition to introducing iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur, Apple also introduced iPadOS 14. Similar to iOS 14, the iPad operating system…

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Smart young student e-learning concept Free Photo

Myth or Factor Processor Is Everything for a Laptop?

Do you think that the processor component is really important for a laptop? So let me not hesitate, let us refer to the fact that the admin has summarized the…

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PS 5 meme

Photos of hilarious PS5 photos made as memes

The new Sony PlayStation 5 was revealed by futuristic Sony, but many consider it unique. PS5 also became a hot material in memes. In the images released, Sony offers a…

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facebook gaming and mixer

Microsoft Mixer Streaming Service Closed! Now Mixer Works with Facebook Gaming

It seems that only recently the name of the Streaming Mixer service rose to the surface, more precisely when one of Twitch’s biggest streamers – Richard “Ninja” Tyler Blevins moved…

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