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Beware of SIM Swap Fraud

What is SIM Swap Fraud? A type of account takeover, usually a mobile phone number to gain financial access available on the mobile phone. Normally, fraudster is well aware of the victim’s status and his/her banking transaction history.

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Words of Motivation Success, Apply Well to Yourself

Start by looking at yourself from outside yourself.
You are a picture in the eyes of others.

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Myth or Factor Processor Is Everything for a Laptop?

Do you think that the processor component is really important for a laptop? So let me not hesitate, let us refer to the fact that the admin has summarized the…

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Bantargebang Waste Garbage Power Plant carries the concept of Waste to energy

The Bantargebang garbage power plant carries the concept of waste to energy, processing waste into electrical energy. What are the benefits and benefits of garbage power plants? Come, see the…

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Frequent Sunbathing Can Stroke Heat Stroke?

Heatstroke is a condition when the body experiences a drastic increase in temperature to 40 degrees Celsius or even more Basking in the sun does benefit the body’s immunity. But…

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17 Webtoon Promotion Code June 2020

This time the admin will provide information to all my friends. That the Webtoon application is currently being used a lot. Because the corona pandemic is still unresolved. So that…

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The Following Are Myths About Technology That We Still Hear Until Now

You may still hear myths about technology that are trusted by people, such as watching television too closely can cause eye damage. Let’s look again at the myths that are often believed by others or may you also believe it.

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Rules That Must Be Applied During the New Normal Period in Restaurants

The Covid 19 case continues today. Now the Corona positive case has reached 5 million. In addition to the crisis in the health sector there are also crises in other…

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This Policeman Catches Flies in the Pandemic Period, Earns Rp. 15 Million Per Month

Di tengah masa-masa sulit akibat wabah corona, banyak orang yang kehilangan mata pencaharian, entah karena diberhentikan dari pekerjaan atau karena bisnisnya terhambat. Namun, apa yang dikerjakan oleh Aiptu Sholihin ini barangkali bisa menjadi inspirasi.

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8 Types of Friends You Should Avoid in 2020

“Like arsenic poisoning, ‘poisonous’ people will slowly kill you. They kill your positive spirit and play with your heart and your feelings. The only medicine, let them go.”–Dennisse Lisseth– Who…

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